Home plant care rules

Houseplants can be seen in almost every house. They are necessary for people not only for beauty or as a design solution, but also for improving the ecology of the house, obtaining useful components for projectiles. For plants to flower and delight their owners, certain care is necessary.

General rules of care

To get healthy and actively flowering plants do not need much time, significant monetary costs or special skill. It is enough to read basic and general rules of care.

You should not allow extremes in care, you should not forget about the algorithm of necessary actions. The plant cannot wait until it is remembered, it becomes sick and perishes. Therefore, one of the most important rules is moderation. It should be observed in everything: watering, feeding, mechanical effects, etc.

In plants in winter, the mode of energy consumption reduction is launched, that is, the rest period. At this time you need to keep an eye on pets, as they don’t need resources as much as at other moments. Watering them is less often. Feedings and other actions to be carried out only as necessary.

Plants need to spend a few minutes a day in order to carefully examine their overall external condition. Check if there were disturbing signs in the form of speckles, specks or drying leaves. It is also necessary to remove die-off parts in the form of withered leaves and buds in time. This will allow not to spend extra resources and will support the pet.

During external inspection, it is also necessary to pay attention to the appearance of pests and disease-causing bacteria. Fungi, spores, viruses, mold identified at an early stage can be excreted quickly and without much consequence. Otherwise, not only can the health of the plant be thoroughly undermined, it can perish.

For the growth and development of the plant, it is necessary to provide the necessary minimum of external content conditions: light, temperature, water, location, humidity, soil, as well as the capacity in which it is disembarks.

Under conditions of limited lighting, the process of photosynthesis in tissues slows, which entails deterioration in the appearance and general condition of the plant. Therefore, it is necessary to provide pets with additional lighting source.

The soil for the plant must be rich in nutrients, without which development, growth and flowering are impossible. Also the substrate must not be loose, otherwise the flower will not be able to anchor, or very dense, which can cause root system to rot. To eliminate the water retention problem, a drainage system must be provided at the bottom of the tank.

The nutrient environment of the substrate is rapidly depleted, so it is necessary to feed plants in time The composition of the feeding must be balanced and contain exactly those elements that fit a particular type of plant. But it must necessarily include nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus — these substances are essential for growth and flowering.

Watering plants need to be regularly. How and when to do it depends on the species and variety of the pet and the time of year.

For better growth and development of the plant it is necessary to carry out a number of other actions:

  •  loosening;
  •  pruning and pinching;
  •  spraying;
  •  polishing and wiping of leaflets from dust clusters;
  •  transplants;
  •  prevention of disease-causing bacteria and pests.

By observing these rules and conditions, you can grow at home a real flower bed, which will delight the eye and become a point of pride.

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