Generators for cottage and private home: subtleties of choice

All electric generators are similar among themselves. Typically, on a single frame there is an internal combustion engine and a generator converting the engine’s energy into electricity. The engine is connected to the generator by mechanical transmission.

In the modern market you can find also a gas generator. However, in popularity it is inferior to diesel and petrol devices, as it is used only near the main gas pipeline and has large dimensions.

Usually the cost of electricity generated by generators is slightly lower than that of a local electricity provider. Therefore, according to numerous reviews, owners of dachas and private houses knowingly give up common house electricity in favor of their own mini-power plant.

Before buying a generator, the choice most often falls between petrol and diesel units. To make the right decision, the homeowner should decide on what purposes they need a generator. If the device is to be operated as an emergency power supply that will be switched on from case to case and will not run continuously for several months in a row, it is better to prefer the petrol unit.

Gas generator The

undoubted plus of petrol devices is that they are much leaner and initially cheaper than diesel. They are easy to transport in a car trunk, move around the house during repair work or use on a large country area when there is a need to include electric drive garden equipment.

Of the shortcomings, the limited power of gasoline generators can be noted. Unlike diesels, they require periodic temporary stops to cool after continuous operation for long periods of time.

The price of gasoline generators depends on the power of the device, the type of engine, the consumption of gasoline, the brand and the country of the manufacturer. It varies from 3 to 60 thousand rubles.

Diesel generator

Diesel generators are more powerful and reliable than petrol. These units are more suitable as the only source of energy, for example in a cottage where electricity is not available, but it is necessary to keep it constantly.

There are two types of diesel generators that distinguish between 1500 and 3000 rpm. For long daily electricity supply, it is better to choose a low-speed device because they are less overheated.

When buying a generator, find out from the seller whether in Russia there is an official representation of the company manufacturer of the unit, where in case of failure of the device you can get warranty service.

Before buying this or that model of generator, please ask a specialist which generator you selected — synchronous or asynchronous. These species differ from each other in the principles of creating electric power at the outlet. The current produced by synchronous generators is more “qualitative”. It is suitable for powering equipment sensitive to voltage differences, such as a computer. Asynchronous devices are constructively arranged easier and cannot produce a current of even parameters. But they are more reliable and durable than synchronous.

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