Gas cylinder brazier is simple!

You will need
  • – gas cylinder itself
  • – Bulgarian – welding
  • machine
  • – hinges, handle
  • – metal corner or profiled Pipe
  • – paint fireproof
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    When everything you need is assembled and there is free time – hours 2-3 then you can start.
    First of all, it is necessary to spin out the tap. This is usually done with a strong swing key. The cylinder can be secured in a vise. Doing it is necessary outdoors. No matter how much the cylinder is standing with an open tap in its nutra there is a liquid condensate with a very unpleasant smell.
    Apart from the smell, condensate is also quite explosive. So smoking during the process of screwing the tap – not recommended. Otherwise not to kebabs will be everything.
    When the tap is spun out, it is necessary to fill the tank with water and rinse it well.
    Attention!!! Water drained from the cylinder is unsuitable for watering cucumbers!


    Before you start cutting the cylinder, it must be re-filled water. It’s for safety, so it’s not worth ignoring.
    The markings for the drying of the lid should be applied to the longitudinal suture. The diameter of 50 liter cylinder is 96 cm. By noting 24 cm each way of the seam, we get the middle of the cylinder. From the poriver seams should be retreated 2-3 cm.
    The first propyl should be made on one of the long sides.
    To facilitate further work with the lid of the grill, the hinges should be welded immediately after the first longitudinal cutting. Then you don’t have to level the lid.
    When the hinges are welded, you can safely cut out the whole lid as well.
    Water inside the cylinder is no longer required, and remembering that it is poisonous, gently drain it.


    Now the cylinder is completely safe and has become similar to brazier with a lid. But some more fine-tuning is needed. Primarily for air flow, several technological holes should be made. You can step back from the longitudinal seam of 10 cm and make a few saws with a Bulgarian, or drill holes with a 12-14 mm drill. For aesthetics, it should be symmetrically done.
    On the front edge of the brazier, 10 saws should be made with a depth of 2-3 cm and a width of 5-8 mm. They will attach skewers.
    Opposite the saws, it is necessary to drill a hole with a diameter of 12-14 mm. These holes will include the tips of skewers.


    Little things left.
    Boil the handle. Of course, it should be refractory and with low thermal conductivity.
    Opening the lid should decide on the degree of its openness and welt a piece of the corner that will not allow the lid to recline far away. A chain can also be used as a stop. The
    frame for the brazier can be done already based on its imagination and availability of material. You can limit yourself to modest legs, and you can make a whole complex structure, with a table, shelves, a door rack.


    That is, in fact, all. The grill should be draped well, cleaned of rust and old paint and painted with refractory paint. Can be made of canisters.

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