Games and exercises to develop imagination in an adult human

How to develop imagination? To do this, you need to regularly perform the simplest exercises. Besides, there are many different games for which you need to have creative thinking.

Exercises on the development of imagination

  1. Look at some person, try on his role. Assume what he’s thinking, what he’s into, who he works. What would you do if you were in his shoes? Perform this exercise regularly to develop the imagination.
  2. Take a piece of paper and a pencil or pen. Arbitrarily arrange points. When everything is done, try to connect them with lines so that the original image is turned out. We will have to show all your creative thinking, performing this exercise on the development of imagination. Over time, you can complicate the task. Exercise can be performed not on a leaflet, but mentally.
  3. Play with yourself in association. Find a look at some item and think about what you associate with it. Look for the original word and repeat the same exercise. Got caught during the walk by a man with an interesting appearance? Consider what associations it causes you. You can perform this exercise at any time.
  4. Reading the book, put yourself in the shoes of the protagonist. Consider what you would assume in the situation that a literary character found himself in. You can get involved in the role of the main villain or minor character. Better yet, imagine yourself as a regular passer-by, who has his own, has nothing to do with the story of the book life.
  5. As often as possible visit picture gallerias, photo exhibitions. But it is not only necessary to admire pictures and pictures. It is necessary to come up with their own description for them.
  6. Writing poems is another fine exercise in developing imagination. Just make up rhyme to different words. Over time, it is possible to write quatties. Writing poems helps develop creative thinking.

Games that develop imagination

To improve your creative thinking, you can play. For this purpose, board games will be suitable. But there are also more effective types of entertainment. Let’s list them.

  1. “ Crocodile.” Almost all people know this game. It’s perfect for big companies. And also will help to develop imagination and creative thinking. One player by ear or in a private room calls the other player a word. The task of the second is to explain the word to the rest of the people using gestures alone It’s necessary to show pantomimes as long as someone doesn’t guess.
  2. Druddles. It’s about visual mysteries that have neither unambiguous meaning nor the right answer. Absolutely all the suggested images that can form in your head are true. And the more there are, the better.
  3. Burimi. A fun enough game that will suit a big company. The first player needs to write some rhymed lines. Then it is necessary to wrap the sheet so that only the last line is visible. The following players take turns must continue writing the poem while closing the previous line. At the end it is necessary to expand the sheet and read the resulting poem.

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