From what age you can use tampons

Young girls often choose tampons for themselves as a hygiene product during months. They can be used from any age after menstruation begins. However, there are some nuances you need to know so that using tampons does not inconvenience or cause harm to health.

Tampon can be used even in the first menstruation. Despite all the existing myths, it cannot get stuck or lost, fall out or cause a fungal infection.


In women who have not had sexual contact, the entrance to the vagina is covered by a hymen. This thin membrane has small holes for wasting menstrual blood. It is quite elastic, so even young girls are not forbidden to use tampons, because tampons are small enough to damage the hymen. However, due to the features of the young organism, inserting a swab may not be so easy. In modern times, manufacturers offer a wide range of hygiene products, including lines for teenage girls. Choose tampons specifically designed for virgins – they’re narrower – or use a small amount of lubricant to type a tampon. It is also important to position the tampon correctly. A good option is tampons with a special applicator. They will help introduce a tampon deep enough that it does not interfere while walking. If you don’t feel a tampon inside you, then you’ve done everything right.

Toxic shock syndrome – the disease is not contagious, it is impossible to pass on to loved ones. However, it is assumed that even after treatment there are toxins left in the blood. Therefore, there is no guarantee that the disease will not happen again.

Toxic shock syndrome

This rare but potentially dangerous disease is often linked to the use of tampons. It is thought to be caused by Staphylococcus aureus controversy. This bacterium lives on the skin, feet, nose and vagina. Most people have antibodies in their blood that protect against toxins. For some reason that has not yet been fully studied, prolonged finding a tampon inside the vagina can cause toxic shock. And the higher the absorption of the swab, the higher the risk. Therefore, it is better to choose tampons with less absorbing capacity and change them more often. The tampon must be changed no later than six hours after the introduction. The symptoms of toxic shock syndrome are similar to those of flu. It is a sudden high temperature, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle pain, dizziness, possibly redness of the skin, as in sunburn. If you show such signs, remove the tampon urgently and call an ambulance. The earlier treatment is started, the better.

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