Does the virus badge blocker protect against coronavirus

In the context of the epidemic of coronavirus, a great responsibility to fall on the shoulders of the representatives of the authorities. Their decisions depend on how quickly doctors can cope with mass morbidity. Self-isolation mode is one of the most effective means. In addition, the government controls the financing of medicine, the organization of border control and much more.

Officials must not only make the right decisions, but also be a model for their fellow citizens. When journalists noticed a strange badge on the jacket of the press secretary of the head of state during Vladimir Putin’s online meeting with governors, they immediately wondered what it was. It turned out that in this way Dmitry Peskov is protected from coronavirus.

What is a virus badge blocker

To find out the composition of the contents of the badge and the principles of its operation, find instruction to it. In the plastic container is an aluminum perforated box with zeolite and sodium chlorite. If the former is a mineral with the properties of the sorbent, then the latter, with little heating, disintegrates into water and chlorine dioxide – a poisonous gas that in water dissolves. This solution is used as an ingredient of decontaminating agents. Manufacturers assure that poisons in their product 5 g.

Badge sellers claim that the device was submitted to a trial by Japanese scientists in 2013 and received a certificate. The document number is not specified, there is no reference to the institution that has been researching the impact of the badge on human health.

Japanese instruction to the badge blocker of viruses

Russian scientists refute the words that the effectiveness of badge-blocker proved. ITMO National Research Institute in St. Petersburg in 2017 developed an analogue of the Japanese apparatus and was not able to submit to the public the details of the research that were conducted.

How the virus badge blocker works During the experiment in a closed capacity containing a number of viruses

, bacteria and fungi dangerous to humans, a sorbent impregnated with a volume of 1 m3 was placed in a closed capacity containing a number of viruses, bacteria and fungi. chlorine dioxide. After 17 days, the evaporating gas filled the hermetically closed vessel and killed all the pathogens. If there was a coronavirus in the collection of malicious victims of the experience, it would die too. If some sadist in there and a living person would push, unfortunate, like coronavirus, would wait for death.

Chlorine dioxide

The use of detergents containing chlorine derivatives is recommended to be carried out in the absence of people. Badge is incapable of harming his host, as the acting substance cannot reach that concentration in the air to become dangerous. Remember the smell of chlorine, it’s unpleasant, but harmless.

Naturally, in the instructions from the manufacturer and distributors of goods through online stores, contraindications at the chlorine dioxide store do not exist, all “results of research” have character The badge can be used for personal protection against bacteria, viruses and allergens that are in the air.

Additional information from manufacturers

The badge manufacturer on its official website ensures that their product is filled with solid chlorine dioxide Clo2. Everyone who studied chemistry in school knows it’s gas that can only be transferred to a liquid state by freezing. In what way the “inventors” made it harden, science is not known.

The level of medical literacy has allowed badge traders to write that their miracle remedy destroys foul odors. How scent the chlorine, which is washed by waste places in public use, everyone knows. If this fragrance is not present, there are doubts about the presence of the substance, which is indicated as acting.

Commercial interests for badge manufacturers are above concern for human life and health. Clinging on the toy traders recommended to those who watch the heat. Increased body temperature is one of the symptoms of infection with COVID-19. If the infection enters the body, you need to see a doctor, not ask for protection from plastic amulets.


Make mistakes in the choice of preventive means can also be made by people in high public posts. Too bad they put their dubious practices for universal review. Dmitry Peskov, let’s give him credit, honestly admitted that details about painting on the jacket, don’t know.

In Russian pharmacies, the badge-blocker is presented as a remedy with unproven effectiveness. There is little talk about the malicious influence of this “invention” for some reason. Those who believe in the miraculous properties of the badge will not abide too strictly by hygiene rules that are guaranteed to protect against coronavirus. As mentioned above, at the first signs of malaise, the naive buyer will continue to self-medicate, risking simply failing to reach the hospital.

Everyone can make the final decision about buying themselves. Before you make it, check out the information that is presented in open sources. Amulets and signs didn’t save anyone yet, at the first symptoms of the disease contact professional physicians.

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