Dobrograd: the city where everything is for people

According to investor Vladimir Sedov, energy in metropolitan areas is almost always negative. It is favorable in small provincial localities. But there’s too low a standard of living. In the search for the perfect solution, the businessman spent several years.


Without finding his dream city, Sedov made the decision to build it. The concept is based on the principle of architecture proportional to man. Maximum height of buildings – 6 floors.

Three types of territories are provided:

  • so-called manor type;
  • buildings in several floors;
  • industrial cluster.

The first is dominated by townhouses, individual construction, cottages. Build residents can also houses according to their own projects. More high-rise buildings and duplexes are lined up on the more distant second. Industrial cluster is the area of residence and labor of workers.

All objects are inscribed in the landscape. With minimal damage to nature, construction is underway. Trees do not cut down, but replant the forest to new sections of the city.

There are no high fences in Dobrograd, but there is an open space without barriers. Nothing distracts from admiring the landscapes, the space is not overwhelmed with details. As a result, an atmosphere of unity with nature has become a “deficit” in metropolises.

The location

is located in the center of the Golden Ring, at the picturesque confluence of the rivers Argi and Nerechta. Surrounding the settlement is a pine forest. Everything is thought out, even the pavement tiles resemble bark in color. Dobrograd has two lakes, for recreation and fishing. Water the population receives from an artesian well.

All the necessary points have been thought out. There are hotels, cafes, spa complex, sports grounds. There is even a rollerdrom and a concert stage on the water. Dobrograd has repeatedly become a venue for festivals and large-scale events. The city of dreams has its own, however, small, airfield and helipad.

There are no promzones or traffic jams. There is a project on separate collection of solid waste. Garbage is both sorted, and disposed of competently. Heating in each home is self-contained, which provides savings on utility bills.

Pleasant bonuses

of Harmful productions are not and are not planned. The number of residents will not exceed 40 thousand people. Only in that case will it be a city “for people”.

Since the area of the territory is small, the infrastructure is within walking distance. Residents will not only be able to fully communicate, but also face to know all their neighbors.

There is a project of free economzone “Dobrogradd-1”. Entrepreneurs received on it solid tax breaks. In addition, the regime prohibits the placement of harmful ecology of the city “dirty” productions.

At the end of 2019 Dobrograd received settlement status. The locality is mapped. Ahead of a new stage, getting city status.

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