Do girls like pumped guys?

What a

beautiful guy looks like

From different women you can hear different reviews about male beauty. Some prefer to see next to them brutal men, bristling, wearing jeans and a shirt. Others like smoothly shaved representatives of the strong floor, in strict and stylish suits. Some girls are crazy about “bad” guys in tracksuits and sneakers.

But in one woman’s tastes match: almost all ladies like men with a good figure and developed muscles. That’s why guys spend more than one month looking nice. They go to the gym, try to pump muscles, do special abdominal exercises, trying to achieve press cubes. All these efforts do not go unnoticed.


inflated male body looks very nice, however, do not overdo it, as a solid mountain of muscles too few people can like.

The advantages of the girl’s pumped boyfriend

are subtle and defenseless creatures, often referred to as the weak sex. They want to always be under someone’s protection and know they have someone to rely on. Okay, guys with good muscles in most cases associate with heroes, strong and bold. In the eyes of the girl such a guy is a defender No bullies are terrible with him. His embrace gives confidence and comfort.

Also, the girl would only be happy to introduce such a guy to her girlfriends.

The pumped guy is definitely aiming for beauty. Girls like this too. All athletes are strong, committed and self-confident people. If a guy has managed to succeed in sports, in life he will likely get his too. The opposite sex feels it and wants to be close to just such a person.

A guy doing sports and spending his free time in the gym is much better than a man playing computer games watching TV and drinking beer with friends in his spare time. Many athletes, monitor their diet and stick to certain diets, so they are always healthy and full of strength. Any girl would be nice to be proud of her young man. Success in sports is a good option.

However, all people are different and their tastes vary too. According to statistics, many girls like them, but still not everyone. There are also those who fear “swings”. They believe that those have inflated self-esteem or are too arrogant. There is also a view that many achieve sports results thanks to energy and bio-additives. Here you can only say that everything depends on the man himself and it is impossible to solve something for himself without trying to communicate with him.

You can argue much on this topic, but it is important to remember one thing – sports, in moderation pumped guys always attract attention to themselves.

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