Consequences of wrong piercing

Sterility of instruments

The greatest risks when complications occur after piercing are associated with the tools with which surgery is performed. Cosmetic and piercing salons often use non-sterile tools. As a result of using needles without prior disinfection, infection can get into a person’s wound. Through the wound, a virus, bacterium or fungus enters the bloodstream, often causing an unwanted reaction from the body. If piercing tools are disinfected improperly, there is a chance of disease such as AIDS, hepatitis B or C, tuberculosis or tetanus. Persons who wear punctures cannot become blood donors because they are often potential carriers of hepatitis and AIDS viruses. The

allergic reaction

Piercing is set into a person’s skin without first checking for allergies. In this case, the metals from which the decorations are made are allergenic and can cause serious immune reactions in some people. Skin itching, dermatitis, inflammation, temperature rise may appear. An allergic reaction can cause inflammation and fuzziness of the wound.


Not tidy conducting tongue or lip piercings can cause serious bleeding. In these areas of the human body there are a large number of blood vessels, which can easily be damaged by improper puncture. Damage to a blood vessel can cause serious bleeding, which will be hard to stop. Due to the puncture, swelling can occur, which can interfere with breathing. Getting bacteria into the oral cavity when a puncture is performed can lead to infectious lesions. Installation of piercings can irritate the gum, damage teeth or disrupt taste.

Other effects

improperly performed nipple piercing can cause milk ducts to be affected by infection or allergic reaction. Eyebrow piercing is dangerous due to the high likelihood of getting into the nerve when performing the procedure, which can even lead to partial facial muscle paralysis. Incorrect puncture of the ears leads to deformity and hearing impairments.

To prevent infection from getting even after a properly done piercing, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of the specialist who made you a puncture. Only competently done piercing and careful care of decoration will avoid unwanted consequences.

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