Choice of floor weights

Types of floor scales: mechanical and floor

When buying home floor scales, first you should decide: mechanical or electronic devices you are more on soul. These types of weights are different in their design execution.

In mechanical floor weights, the main element is a measuring spring that controls the arrow. Offset last and shows weight. The setting of zero value in mechanical weights is made by a special wheel located at the bottom of the device. The main advantages of such scales are low price (from 150-200 rubles.), durability, large maximum load size and independence from power sources.

All floor scales (both mechanical and electronic) have a certain limit on maximum load.

However, they have less measurement accuracy. Their margin of error can be 100-500 g. In addition, such scales lack additional functions – such as memory indicators, control over the percentage of muscle and fat tissue of the body. On sale there are mechanical scales of various brands: binatone, scarlett, camry, maxwell, etc.

The weight on the electronic floor device is displayed on a digital display. Such scales have a larger list of different functions, for example, built-in clock, thermometer, and they can save weighing results. “Premium” e-scale models, equipped with special sensors and a built-in computer, can analyze the distribution of fat, bone and muscle tissue and water content in the body.

Electronic models of measuring equipment are more accurate than mechanical ones. They work on batteries, power grids or batteries. Some models of such scales operate from energy accumulated from mechanical effects, or from solar panels. Virtually all electronic devices are switched on/off automatically. The setting of a zero value in electronic floor weights is also performed automatically when they are switched on or using a button placed on the body.

When choosing electronic floor scales it is advisable to pay attention to the country of the manufacturer and its trademark. Electronic German weight measurement devices are considered to be among the best in terms of quality and accuracy of measurement. For example, floor scales beurer (Germany) have many positive reviews. Also on the market are many other brands of electronic type scales: bosch, philips, tefal, tanita (Japan).

However, it should be borne in mind that the cost of floor electronic scales will be directly proportional to their functionality. For the design and well-known brand will also have to pay extra. Expensive floor scales have a warranty service period of 2-3 years. In case of a breakdown or other problem, the repair of the device is carried out at the expense of the manufacturer.

Settings for selection of floor scales

Once the floor scales are selected according to the main criteria, you need to move to no less important. In particular, ask what the measurement error of the instrument is. This indicator depends on the class of the scale model. The error of inexpensive devices can be 500 g – 1 kg. More advanced and expensive models are more accurate, they have this indicator fluctuates within 100-300 g.

In addition, it is important what maximum weight the measuring machine can withstand. Usually the maximum load limit can be 100-150 kg, depending on the floor scale model. And so if your weight is more than 120 kg, be especially careful when choosing a measuring device. Having exceeded the allowable load, the floor scales will be damaged through your fault. Which means you won’t be able to repair them under warranty. The

maximum permissible load of some models of weights is up to 200-220 kg.

Deciding which measuring product to choose, do not forget its design as well. Modern floor scales are made of different materials: metal, plastic, wood, tempered glass and natural stone. Plastic models differ in the simplest design. They’re inexpensive, light, well laundered. Glass models have greater durability, have stylish appearance, relatively inexpensive. And floor scales with a wood surface have an organic and natural appearance.

The feature set depends on the buyer’s preferences too. Many models of measuring products determine the amount of excess weight, which is a very important and useful function, but the price of such a product will be much higher. Another useful feature is the amount of weight memory. This option is important in cases where family members will use the device. Memory can vary between 2 and 10 people. Electronic floor scales with this feature can automatically identify each user.

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