Can I insult a woman

Why do men start insulting and humiliating women?

Is it OK to insult a woman? This question unconditionally has a negative answer. But unfortunately, in many situations, different things happen. So, for example, in some families, over time things don’t become as perfect as they used to seem. Disclosure in the process of life of the characters together causes some conflicts, scandals, and in especially acute cases insults and fights. If at some point your husband got out of himself and insulted you, you need to try to forgive him and try to forget about this situation. But what if such incidents continue day from day to day? Do you forgive everything or put a fat point in a relationship?
Try evaluating your relationship with your spouse and looking at it from the perspective of an outsider. Perhaps by his insults he is trying to re-educate his wife with too quiet and calm a character. Maybe his actions are a fit of anger, and he doesn’t like the fact that his wife can’t defend his opinion.

But such a harsh method of re-education clearly suggests that a man treats a spouse without respect and perhaps dislikes her.

Often such situations occur under the influence of alcohol, or when the husband is too flashy. If the reason is the first, at the beginning of the husband can still be saved, and prevent his fascination with alcohol in the future. But if alcoholism has become your chosen choice’s lifestyle, you better “run” away from it. Such a person is unlikely to rectify, and problems in such a family will only be more in time.

If a man insults you in fits of rage, try not to aggravate the situation and calmly deal with everything, let him “cool down”.

What consequences arise in the end

Permanent insults strongly act on the nervous system. The woman becomes weak, defenceless, and faggy. Constant stresses will lead to an inferiority complex. Not all women are capable in such situations of standing up for themselves and giving a decent response to insults or leaving altogether by slamming the door.

Try to stop all sorts of bullying and insults in your direction. In a calm environment, discuss this problem with your husband, tell him about your experiences and concerns. If not everything is hopeless, chances are your relationship will work out.
But if the husband cannot be re-educated, and he continues to show his aggressiveness to you, you better just get away from him. It’s hardly his attitude to you. You are building your own destiny, and there are hardly such negative points in your plans for the future.

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