Can a person survive a lightning strike

According to the BSE, lightning is called the strongest electric charges that follow the path from object number one (storm cloud) to object number two, usually a subject with by the opposite electric charge. Moving along a path of less drag, lightning usually strikes into objects protruding above the Earth’s surface.

Aftermath from lightning strike

Lightning strikes on a person are extraordinary incidents. Specialists have recorded a large number of deaths due to this natural cataclysm. The effects of such an impact on humans are several times greater than the effect on the body of ordinary shock by current. But still there are many survivors. Current discharge has a huge temperature (about 30,000 °C), but its impact is instantaneous.

At the moment of shock of lightning, the same results can be observed as during the electric current charge. Instant loss of consciousness occurs, breathing and beating of the heart can stop. Cramps and vomiting masses are possible.

Usually such a powerful charge of electric current as a lightning strike is fatal for humans.


fact that some remain alive after lightning strikes can be explained by the body’s increased individual resistance to current influences.

Ways to protect against lightning strike

Seeking shelter. The best shelter will be a car or a building with a lightning rod. If there are no objects nearby, you should follow several rules: a) hide in a place where there is no threat of flooding; b) when you are in the forest you need to choose the lowest tree.

Avoiding dangerous location. It should be remembered that open surfaces become the main source of danger. Also should not make a pier near reservoirs and any metal structures.

One of the most reliable lightning protection devices is the lightning rod.

Lightning strike is a huge test for any living organism, and in most cases it leads to fatality, however, the percentage of survivors is quite high. At the moment lightning hits the human body, the strongest but short-term current charge is created. If, during the course of passing through the human body, the electric current does not damage vital organs (lungs, heart, spinal and brain), then the chance of survival is quite high.

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