Brick House: Value Calculation


brick that is used for construction can be different, so the cost of construction varies slightly. The price of the brick itself and the cost of construction and installation works is based on calculations.

How much does it cost to build a brick house

The cost of a brick house eventually consists of several components – the construction itself and the price of the material, as well as related services.

Experts claim that the cost of construction is influenced by several factors:
– foundation;
– erection of box;
– work of the brigade.

Remember that under a brick house it is necessary to lay a deep foundation. This is due to the fact that brick – material is heavy, so gives great shrinkage. This alone will significantly increase the cost of construction, as it will take both more effort and more material.

As for the box, there is a special focus on the construction of walls, floors, wall decoration from the inside and roofing. The calculation of the cost takes into account the number of floors and rooms, as well as the presence or absence of the attic. The complexity of the design also has its impact on the overall cost of the project The

fact is also important – whether you are building a house according to a typical project or applying your own design solution. In the second case, the house will cost orders of magnitude more.

In case you apply a typical project, it will not be possible to change anything during the construction, because one is tied to the other. And to carry out a full recalculation is impractical and expensive.

Related services accompanying the construction include various improvement works: interior design project and landscape design plot in front of the house Calculator of the cost of building a brick house must be clear and complete, taking into account all the nuances and details.

Types of brick Types

of brick, which is used for masonry and cladding, a large number. And each one has its own value. It all depends on what technology of making this material is applied.

The most popular species – building. It is manufactured by hyperpressing method. A special mixture is used, consisting of 90% limestone, 8% cement and 2% chemical dye of a special type (which gives the brick a characteristic color). The mixture is well stirred, then poured into special forms, where it is carefully pressed. As a result of this treatment, standard bricks are obtained. Such is estimated at an average of 12 rubles apiece.

From such bricks make and original finishing version in the spirit of uneven stone. For this purpose, brick with a non-uniform structure is used.

Brick, which is actively used for finishing, is silicate. It is made of quartz sand and slaked lime. It is also obtained by pressing. This kind of brick is distinguished by high strength and high density. But at the same time such a brick is afraid of humidity and is used mainly to decorate part of the wall. The cost of 1 brick – 20 rubles.

For full construction it is common to use ceramic bricks. It is the traditional form of brick that everyone accustomed to. It is made of burnt clay and is distinguished by durability. The cost of 1 piece of ceramic brick about 15 rubles.

Facial brick is used for wall cladding. It is distinguished by a perfectly flat surface without any defects. The cost of face bricks varies from 12 to 30 rubles apiece, depending on the material from which it is made.

Shaped brick is another option for construction. It looks extremely boring, but it’s quite explainable – this brick is mainly used for further plastering and painting. It costs such a brick about 35 rubles apiece.

Refractory bricks are used for the most part for finishing and cladding. It has high strength, has a large enough mass, is resistant to high temperatures and is able to resist temperature fluctuations up to 1000 degrees. The price of the piece in this case is about 30 rubles.

Slotted brick, or hollow type brick can have a completely varied shape. This material is used to create thermal insulation. The cost of such is about 15 rubles apiece.

For the construction and cladding of a house (even a small one) takes more than one dozen thousand bricks. The required number of bricks for masonry should be counted based on wall meter and brick thickness. You need to multiply these two indicators and get as many bricks as you need to build. According to the same scheme, count the number of facing bricks.

The amount of material is also necessary taking into account the solute seams. Be sure to take into account the number of bricks in the main type masonry and in the masonry for cladding. As a result, the lowest cost of a square meter of a brick house costs $350 to $1,000. It only remains to multiply the resulting figure by the total meter of the house to get the cost of the finished brick object with the finish.

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