Benefits of coral water

People on the above mentioned islands live up to 120 years, keeping a clear mind by old age, and remaining in good physical shape. The secret to longevity is that the islands are surrounded by coral rings, they filter the water, saturating it with minerals. Researchers found that atolls from corals enrich water with ions of calcium, magnesium, silicon, potassium and other important trace elements.

Curious and valuable properties of the coral on the “transformation” of water are conditioned by its mineral skeleton. It resembles a wild plant in shape, accumulates deposits of mineral salts on its surface. In contact with water, he transfers to her part of the mineral ions, thanks to which water becomes useful. As a natural substance, coral water can regulate the body’s water-salt balance, normalizing the activities of vital organs and systems.

Coral water is recommended to drink in bone fragility, osteoporosis, fractures. The lack of minerals affects the functioning of the cardiovascular system, so that eating coral water can help keep control of pulse, blood pressure, warning hypertension, arrhythmia. It is also recommended to drink such water under stress, increased physical and mental stress, allergies, weak immunity, hypovitaminosis. Dentists advise drinking coral water to strengthen teeth. And also this water is good for preventing tooth decay. The

use of water, which is enriched with minerals, improves the appearance of the person, his health, improves the condition of the skin, nails, hair, it promotes the prolongation of youth, maintenance of the body in tone. Coral water can be called pure, unimpassioned storage of minerals, a source of longevity and beauty!

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