Balloon as a modern pleasure tourist ship

Vehicles – an integral component of tourism. To a greater extent, they are used to transport travelers from residence to the location of their leisure activities. And a small part of transport can be used as a tool for recreation and entertainment.

To air means of travel, designed not only for transportation of tourists from point A to point B, but also for aesthetic pleasure, receiving a portion of positive emotions or splash Adrenaline, refer to: hang gliders, paragliders, paramotors, seaplanes, airships and balloons.


latter have a basic entertainment function: you can control the balloon on a vertical path, horizontally controlled by the wind, so use it as a full-fledged vehicle cannot be.


in the form of a pleasure craft, at the same time romantic and extreme, the balloon is popular. True riding on this aerostat is not available to everyone. This type of holiday is considered elite and costs not so cheap.

In many countries of the world, the aeronautical industry is at a high level of development. Europe hosts the brightest balloon festivals every year, and the largest one is the European Balloon Festival. It is held in Spain, in the small city of Catalonia — Igualada. The holiday, on which more than 25 thousand tourists gather, lasts for two weeks.

An equally famous festival has been taking place in Switzerland for 40 years. At the Alpine resort of Château d’Eau, various aircraft can be seen on the day of the holiday, but balloons are the main They hold competitions, arrange parades and conduct excursions over the most beautiful Swiss landscapes.

In Asia, Thais invite guests to the festival. The number of tourists on the holiday every year passes for 200,000! There you can ride exciting rides, find entertainment for the whole family and taste traditional Thai dishes. And, of course, all day open access to balloons, anyone will happily ride under the clouds.

And the festival in Albuquerque (USA) got into the Guinness Book of World Records: travelers and residents of America were able to see 345 aerostats in the sky at the same time. In addition to balloons of typical shape, there are also bizarre copies: in the form of a butterfly, hot dog, cartoon character or mug of beer.

It is

possible to ride on an aircraft at night, when it is filled with a romantic glow.

You can mention international festivals in Mexico, Turkey, Italy and Georgia, where the celebration takes place also vividly and spectacularly.

Although Russia is not one of the leaders in the air navigation industry, but nevertheless there is an opportunity to fly in a hot air balloon in many regions: in Krasnodar and Stavropol regions, in The suburbs and near St. Petersburg, the Urals and Crimea.

The cost of such a walk varies from 10 to 40 thousand, the price is affected by the city where the service is carried out, the number of passengers and competitors.

Our planet is rich in natural beauty, from which it is breathtaking. And technical progress is able to give everyone the opportunity to admire the picturesque scenery from a bird’s-eye view.

The balloon helps capture incredible pictures of our world. Are you ready to fly?

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