All about kiss


Kiss can reveal people’s incompatibility, this is his supertask. Two people may have interest or sympathy for each other. The first kiss will show if there is passion between them or it is better to leave everything as it is. Often, the first touch of the lips can cause dislike or coldness. Such a reaction would follow if the woman and the man were physiologically incompatible (even if fit each other in every other way). After the kiss, the woman can understand whether the given male individual fits her.


Lip fusion carries a variety of sexual cues. A concentration of pheromones may inform a partner of your sexuality at the moment. If the partner’s lips are compressed, it means he is unwilling to continue the game. If blurred, it is left to accept the invitation and act bolder. If the language of the partner immediately moves towards — it speaks of a clear desire. Escaping and soft language is indicative of a preference for loving and slow play.


According to psychologists, kissing is capable of preventing stresses and calming the nervous system. Fans of kissing are confident in their abilities, are optimists, achieve personal and professional successes. A kiss is a large bouquet of chemical reactions. At this time, partners exchange fats, proteins, and salts. In addition, word of mouth passes a large number of bacteria, streptococci, staphylococci, which are 95% harmless. Frequent kissing prevents the formation of wrinkles, because the muscles of the face train better than any massage.


Touches of lips can give you a lot more than you think. Kissing not only has a positive effect on the body, it also helps to shed excess weight. The weasel lips – the ability to stroke them, touch, apply pressure. The intensity and kind of kiss need to be picked up individually by observing the partner’s reaction. Never impose weasels and kisses that cause negative emotions in the partner.


Some men, confident in sight, kiss very timidly, sometimes meddle with a deep kiss with the tongue. This characterizes a man as indecisive and hiding his complexes behind a certain mask. Such a man in bed will be low-inventive, prefer classic poses. The initiative woman frightens him as he fears losing his leadership. Kissing with a copious discharge of saliva smeared across the partner’s face is indicative of insophistication and inexperience in terms of sex. Such a kiss suggests that one chooses to pay increased attention to the emotional side of a relationship. Aggressive kiss is an indispensable attribute of faulty egoists who care in bed only their own pleasure. Such people are convinced of their irresistibility.

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