Air humidifier for home – choose right

To understand if there is a need for air humidification, purchase a household hygrometer. Normal humidity levels range from 40 to 60%. If it is substantially lower, it is worth thinking about buying a humidifier. It will provide a comfortable environment for people and pets, ensure a good feeling of houseplants and protect furniture from desolation.

Humidifiers: what they are

Air humidification devices are characterized by operating principle, function set, size, noise level and other parameters. There is no ideal humidifier – the future owner must make a choice according to his needs.

All humidifiers are divided into three large groups according to the principle of operation. The easiest option is mechanical. It works on interchangeable cartridges – they are wetted with water, and the built-in fan drives air through them, which is cleaned and saturated with moisture. Another type of device resembles a kettle – inside the appliance boils water, moisturizing the air with a jet of steam. And finally, the latest offer of manufacturers is ultrasonic humidifiers. Embedded membranes are responsible for cleaning and humidifying the air, which operate almost silently.

If you are interested not only in humidification, but also in air purification, you can buy a combined instrument that combines both functions. “Air washing” is carried out by working built-in discs – rotating in tanks with water, they attract dust. As a result, the air remains cold, saturated with moisture and cleansed from the smallest particles, animal wool, pollen. This device is designed for rooms ranging in size from 15 to 70 meters.

Choosing the device, carefully read the instructions, there are all parameters of a particular model.

Devices for children and living room: pros and cons

Decide where you will put a new humidifier. Most often, this device is bought for children’s or bedroom – during sleep clean, well-hydrated air is especially important. The instrument must be safe, compact and quiet enough. Ultrasonic humidifiers meet these requirements. For the bedroom appliances are not suitable for mechanical type – they make quite loud noise. In the nursery it is not necessary to install steam humidifiers – the child can accidentally burn.

Do not leave the included steam humidifier unattended, especially if there are children or pets in the house.

washer or mechanical humidifier can be installed in the living room. Convenient appliances with a timer and built-in hygrometer – once humidity reaches the right level, they turn off.

Estimate the dimensions of the room. It is not necessary to buy a device designed for a large hall, in a room 15-20 sq. m. For miniature rooms you can choose a small device that is mounted on a table or bedside table. Mini humidifiers look stylish enough – there are models resembling figurines or vases made in a variety of colors. Some devices combine humidifier and nightlight, alarm clock or timer functions. For children choose appliances in the form of toys – such products will decorate the room and surely appeal to the baby.

Maintenance of the humidifier

Choosing a humidifier, take into account the service features of each model. Periodic purchase of interchangeable cartridges is required for mechanical devices. You will have to change cartridges when you buy ultrasonic humidifiers. In some models, only filtered or distilled water can be used. If you want not only to moisturize, but also to flavor the air, you will have to buy special liquids or capsules – pouring essential oils or other scented substances into the appliance is prohibited.

Steam humidifiers do not require changing parts, but they consume a lot of electricity. To save, you can choose a smaller model. The most economical option to maintain is air washing without replaceable cartridges. All the device requires is periodic washing of working parts under running water.

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