Agate Wedding (14 years old)

14 years of living together is called agate wedding anniversary. This name does not easily refer to a beautiful stone, which is both amazing and fantastically beautiful, and has multiple mysterious properties. Agate itself resembles the life of the spouses during this time and acts in this case as an illustration, a symbol.

Agate is a semi-precious stone, harboring in its depth something mystical, mysteries and mysteries. Patterns are formed from colored veins that are intrinsically intertwined in the heart of the stone — couples can begin the morning of the holiday by studying them. This resembles divination on the coffee grounds – obscure figures seen in the depths of agate give rise to a variety of associations, feelings to which one should listen. It is possible that they predict you future happiness and luck for years to come.

One can imagine this “divination” as a kind of test — those married couples who noticed the same images in stone have already reached mutual understanding at the subconscious, deep level . If the result of fortune-telling is far from that — well, they still have a lot of interesting things to do.

For 14 years of living side by side, the spouses seem to be able to study each other entirely and completely, but according to the testimony of representatives of many of the conjugal unions, they constantly notice in satellite of life new qualities. Just like with agate — the pattern inside the stone appears to be alive and constantly changing. The patterns of the life path of two spouses connecting destinies are also varied. Just like the agate drawings, their days are painted in different tones. And just like agate, forming a good marriage union is a long and time-consuming process.

What to give for the 14th wedding anniversary

The best gift will be something of natural stone – suitable and figurines, fountains, and elements of decoration that will help to bring to the interior something new — it is possible to accompany such a gift with the appropriate wish. Decorative compositions will help decorate the walls and give the house a special comfort. Onyx chess symbolizes success and will help to maintain prosperity in the family.

Sometimes choosing the right gift can stumble. Marking the 14th anniversary of joint life, spouses should exchange appropriate gifts — agate decorations, accessories, any products that look worthy for such a of no small term, like 14 years of weddings.

Gifts suitable for women are presented in a variety of options — first of all these are all kinds of jewelry, hairpins, rings, bracelets, earrings, etc. elegant cufflinks, a designer photo frame that will look great on the desktop. Table clocks and ashtrays with inserts of stones, or maybe an author’s cup or a daily in decorative cover.

A good option is considered a gift that the owner will be able to carry with him permanently — according to some data, agate has a very special energy. It can affect the aggravation of intuition, provide internal tranquility and smooth unnecessary emotions, which will allow to consider many of the difficult life situations more collected. Agate is able to enhance and sexual appeal, and for such term of marriage it can be a nice important addition.

So, you have to mark a significant date — 14 years of the wedding. But hurry and invite a bunch to the people yet should not be – lush celebrations are better to save until next year and celebrate the agate anniversary not very loudly, perhaps, and just in the family circle. By this time, children are growing up enough to be able to be happy for you, and parents are quite awake in order to make you a great company. A great occasion to come together with the whole family, chat and share the warmth of the family hearth.

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