After what time alcohol is completely excreted from the organism

Knowing what time alcohol disintegrates in the body can be useful in different situations.

How is the body purified?

Alcohol excretion occurs in several ways. A minor part evaporates through the skin and lungs. Part of the work on cleaning the body is carried out by the kidneys, the main load falls on the liver. When liquor decomposes, acetaldehyde, the substance that causes cirrhosis of the liver, is formed. Accordingly, worsening her performance. The cleansing process takes a sufficient amount of time. The speed of the liver depends directly on its condition. For example, in an average man weighing 80 kilograms, approximately 0.1 ppm of ethanol is excreted in 60 minutes.

To increase the speed of alcohol processing, you need to use more liquid and be in the fresh air. Sweet tea is recommended as drinking, as the caffeine contained in it also fights alcohol. In addition, tea has good diuretic properties.

Bringing yourself to normal with tea is not worth overdoing it, as the combination of alcohol and caffeine can cause blood pressure to rise.

How long does it take before alcohol is completely eliminated?

It should not be noted that there is no set period for which the body purification takes place. The fact is that the process of excreting liquor depends on many factors. First of all, from the amount of strength drunk: the higher these indicators, the slower the cleaning of the organism will pass. The weight of the person who used alcohol and the condition of his body also affects.

Fans of abuse should not trust in funds, popularly called “anti-Pokhmelin”.

The use of anti – hangover, anti – police and others contribute only to the relief of hangovers, but does not affect the rate of blood alcohol extraction, $ do not improve the work of alcohol processing organs.

Any examination will detect the presence of ppm in the blood after the use of this kind of means. If serious tests come, it is better to refrain from alcohol at all.

On average, the body is able to expel most of the alcohol in 24-48 hours. In cases of consumption of a large amount of alcohol, it will take approximately 72 hours. Completely getting rid of alcohol and updating the body occurs no earlier than in a month.
In any case, it is important to try to protect your health and not to load internal organs with additional work on liquor processing.

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