A few tips for a good new


Do not drink overnight coffee, but better and after lunch. The fact is that caffeine can be in the body for about 6 hours and act on the nervous system.


Alcohol and nicotine are major sleep destroyers. Avoid them a few hours before bedtime. The fact is that alcohol initially gives drowsiness, but after a few hours it acts as a stimulant, causing you to crow rather than sleep.


A glass of warm milk really works. Milk is the source of L-tryptophan – an amino acid long known as a sleep stimulant. A light snack before bed can help sleep, too. Protein food, especially poultry meat, is a good source of tryptophan.


A couple of hours before bedtime, it is recommended to gradually move to peace and quiet at home. It is advisable to turn off your computer and TV. Better read the book.


If you can’t get into bed early then pretend you prepare for sleep. Put on your pyjamas, muffle the lights, crack the bed.


Pajamas or nightgown choose a comfortable one to make you comfortable sleep. The blanket doesn’t have to be too thick not to be hot either. Change the mattress as needed so that it is even and comfortable. The same applies to the pillow. The room is advisable to ventilate before bedtime.


No matter what time you go to bed, screen your windows curtains. It will also “save” your sleep from the morning sun.

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