8 male habits that annoy all women


 Inpure-dense men annoy most women. Failure to follow basic personal hygiene rules, unpleasant smell and unkempt appearance spoil the impression. Even a nice and smart guy can easily lose the disposition of a girl liked because of his impurity.

Men should also pay attention to the condition of their teeth. There are few who enjoy hiking around doctors, but a beautiful smile is worth it.

As for hairstyles, beautiful manicured hair is for the most part a woman’s prerogative, but also the strong gender should not forget its chevelure.

Successful haircut is able to completely change the image of a man and make him more cute.

A common mistake is trying to cover your balds with hair residues. It’s better a brutal balding than a miserable spittle.

Sloppy Sloppiness

often goes “bundled” with impurity density. Sloppiness includes scattering things all over the house, untidy use of the bathroom, left utensils and a mess of personal belongings.

At the beginning of a romantic relationship, sloppiness may be perceived as a small fun flaw, but over time this develops into a real problem.

If desired, you can try to “re-educate” a man, but most often such behavior is the result of poor upbringing or the essence of a person.

Plushkin syndrome

There is a category of men with “Plushkin syndrome”. They drag everything necessary and unnecessary into the house, more and more slamming the space. General cleaning drives them either into a frenzy or causes them to panic. These kind of spare guys cherish every cog and don’t allow to audit things.

Usually their dwelling resembles a warehouse or landfill. Living in such a space is very hard, and it is simply impossible to restore order without scandal.

A woman can only understand the accumulation of money and jewels, but not the slack.

If you don’t want to lose such a spare man, allocate him a separate storage room.


 Bad guys look attractive only in their youth and in cheap female novels. In real adulthood, rough ill-mannered men are unlikely to achieve the disposition of decent women.

Few of the ladies will like rudeness, rudeness and profanity. Disrespect for people, vulgarity, insults and a bad sense of humor annoy, frighten and repel women. Such men are not seen as a reliable companion of life and as the father of future children.

Computer games

Computer games in many love relationships have become a real “stumbling block” and the cause of frequent quarrels. Gamers spend all their free time in virtual reality, and the family is paid less and less attention.

Often addicted to computer games men spend on their “hobby” quite impressive part of the budget.

Women don’t like competition, and the inattention of a beloved man hurts them badly.

Prioritize correctly, hobbies should not interfere with personal life.

Self pity

The habit of constantly complaining about life annoys many women. Male whines are not sexy. Guys who see everything negative, suspect others of envy and intrigues, and all their failures shift to a combination of circumstances, cause only irritation and desire to stop with them soon communication.

 In the representation of a woman, a real man is confident in himself and even in the most difficult life situations will be able to find the right solution.

Calm and positive in communication a man would rather attract the attention of a beautiful sex than a sullen and eternally disgruntled bruise.

Unability to behave in society

Awkwardness and irritation in women cause men not able to behave in society. Lack of good manners, habit of chafing around the table, combing in the public in intimate places, spitting on the floor and other disgusting moments in behavior are not permissible in a decent society.

Good manners, knowledge of etiquette and ability to support conversation are skills needed in today’s world. Women are very attentive to this kind of thing and will appreciate a man with such merits.

The ability to look after beautifully, make compliments and behave confidently in society make the man very attractive in the eyes of the ladies.

Friday gatherings with friends

Friends is a saint. It is such or similar in meaning that many women have heard. Ideally, a loved-up couple should have mutual friends, but there are men who prefer to spend each Friday night separately from their other half.

Meeting friends is a great pastime and should not be angry with a man for such leisure. However, if such gatherings happen more often and then the man suffers from a hangover half the weekend – it’s a bad sign. No woman will enjoy living with a reveller, constantly sharing it with friends and being in second roles.

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