7 things men categorically cannot write about themselves on dating sites

I’m a man in my prime

 If the most you’re capable of are phrases like “love sports”, “read books, watch movies”, “man in his prime”, what will you talk about in correspondence and on a date? Although, for sure, it won’t come to this, because your page will be lost in the gray swamp of the same faceless questionnaires. Even the most boring facts can be presented under a sauce of originality and humor. Experiment and stand out.

I will answer your questions

It is unclear what men who save printed signs hope and at the same time write: “ask what is interesting”, “surprise me”, “interest me”. This is not an interview, don’t greedy, share information about yourself. Show you have the interest, the brains and the desire to meet you. Why do girls take the initiative from the beginning and drag you in tow?

Tired of loneliness, looking for a soul mate

Immediately created an image of a sad, broken by life of a man. And he doesn’t care who’s around anymore, he’s just tired of being alone. Frequent guests on the questionnaire of such a dejected cavalier – long poems and crying statuses. If you don’t want to draw similarly desperate ladies, be worthy, not pathetic. About your failures in your personal life for the time being. If you are looking for a healthy and equal relationship, add positive to your page.

Inadequate request not to write

Aggression and dissatisfaction with women is not the best and not the most logical beginning of acquaintance with them. You don’t need to speak unflattering about the former in the questionnaire. If you can’t keep all this negative in yourself anymore, find out the relationship with the culprit or go to a psychologist. Nor should it indicate which women don’t need to write you, for example: “divorces, fat and mercantile personalities — go by.” Smart girl will pass by your page, even if it doesn’t fit those definitions. Because by such “screams of the soul” at once you can see a limited, hushed man.

Looking for the young, beautiful, smart and rich

See if you have overdone the list of requirements for your narrowed. If in your questionnaire a long list of women’s virtues, girls will close it very quickly, even without reading. 5 qualities you want to see in a woman – here is the golden middle. By the way, check whether you meet your own requests. An unemployed, uneducated, unsportsmanlike man with average external data is ill-suited to Miss World with a degree and high income.

Fully filled section on sex

No need to demonstrate your concern with the topic of sex. Believe me, everyone understands that there is no harmonious relationship without it. It is not necessary to inform all Internet users about your sex habits, sizes, feats in bed and preferences. Besides, not every woman dares to answer such a man.

Not going to adjust to anyone

above was the advice not to go into the lyrics and be a man. Excessive independence is the other extreme. A lonely cowboy who doesn’t need anyone will remain single. How do you get a girlfriend if you’re not going to fit her into your life? Since you, even such self-sufficient and determined in life, have come to a dating site, you lack relationships, be honest.

To sum up


correct questionnaire on the dating site is a magnet for your target audience. Try to arouse interest by dispensing with catchphrases, frank rudeness and excessive romanticism for the man. Be the master of the initiative and don’t expect the perfect girl. Politeness and benevolence are your assistants. Together with clinging photos such a questionnaire will not remain without women’s attention.

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