7 reasons to start run

1. Running relieves stress. Regular physical exertions reduce the level of tension. People running have been proven to have a much stronger nervous system than those who prefer sedentary lifestyles.

2. Does not require financial resources. Anyone who has legs can practice running, unlike most other sports. The only thing you need is sneakers.

3. Increasing self-esteem. Achieving sporting goals can seriously boost self-esteem. In addition, the efficiency of work at work and relationships within the family is improving.

4. More energy. Running, endurance and energy levels rise markedly. Morning jogs help to recharge with life forces for the whole day.

5. New dating. There are many communities that organize group runs. Join one of these and soon you have new friends.

6. Weight is reduced. Running perfectly burns calories and excess fat. To lose weight, you need to spend more calories daily than is consumed. You can calculate the number of energy units spent using a special table.

7. Health is improving. Blood and oxygen flow is significantly increased during aerobic loads. This seriously reduces the risk of a heart attack. Cholesterol levels and blood pressure are also reduced. In addition, ligaments and bones are significantly strengthened.

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