6 acts of a woman, after which any man will with


relationship between a man and a woman is difficult to build, yet easy to destroy. Much depends on the nature of people, on their ideas of the perfect union. Everyone can make mistakes. At the same time, the reaction to them is different. Some men are indifferent to the fact that their selections flirt on the side or cook poorly, and for others it is not acceptable. But there are things that members of the strong gender tend not to forgive.

Treason with a friend

If the usual side of some men and are able to forgive their friend, then there is no sex with a friend. It hits their smugness very hard. Such an act they consider double treason. Not only that, the woman was not loyal, so also disgraced him in front of the buddy. The paradox is that often “cuckolders” remove the beloved from their heart, and with a friend remain in a pleasant relationship. Perhaps this is one of the manifestations of male solidarity.

Handcrafting This

is a very sick question for every man. All differences must be resolved in a civilized way. Squabbles and scandals do not need to be brought to the public, not to hurt the smugness of the elect. Handcrafts, especially public ones, are not forgiven by members of the strong sex. Even if a woman is very expensive, after such a situation you have to make a choice between her and maintaining self-worth in the eyes of others or even in front of herself. Men from childhood are taught that it is impossible to beat women of the weak sex. When rudeness and handcraft have to be experienced on themselves, they are lost. The same self-respecting man cannot answer. It remains only to say goodbye to the one that has crossed all the boundaries of the permissible one.

Criticism in bed

Crudeness and harsh remarks against one’s lover are unacceptable in principle. But there are special spheres that can only be touched extremely carefully and delicately. Men painfully perceive anything related to sex. A crude remark concerning the intima and “lower chakra” is capable of hitting their smugness. On top of female stupidity are utterances such as “well here, again you didn’t work out”, “maybe you’re impotent and you need to see a doctor” or “my ex was much better than you.” It should not be surprised if after such statements the elect will offer to break up, and after will start looking for the one that will lead to believe in itself again.

Insulting people close to him

Unflattering and hurtful remarks to his man’s loved ones are not acceptable, especially if you express them in rough enough. Such behaviour will not go unpunished. Mocking parents is taboo in general. Even if the man himself sometimes allows himself jokes about strange behavior of the mother or father, the woman should not interfere with it. Better to be silent. Public abuse of his relatives leads to a break-up in most cases. And psychologists assure it’s the right thing to do. There are personal boundaries that can’t be violated. If a woman allows herself obscene expressions towards her man’s parents, it is likely she will automatically become an ex.

Waste of a large amount of money

In today’s world money is of great importance, but in everything you need to comply with the measure. If a man does not have the opportunity to buy even the necessary one cannot demand from him a mink fur coat or an expensive decoration. Such a good can go out to the lady sideways. All the more it is impossible to dispose of his personal or even general money as he sees fit. It’s not about rank-and-file spending, it’s about big purchases. Some women are so confident in their impunity that they can afford without demand to take the last money and spend on expensive jewellery, chic clothes. Such an act will not be forgiven by any self-respecting man. If he has a sense of self-worth, he will go straight away.

Cheating big

For some ladies lies become a way of life. In a number of situations she helps them save the relationship, hide some unpleasant facts. Living with such a person is difficult. You can get used to it, but not all deception can be ignored. When lies that have affected or may have affected fate are revealed, normal men leave. Such an act cannot be forgiven. Especially painful they survive the news of a false pregnancy, that they have to raise not their child. Some women in their guile go so far as to be willing to slanden any of the inner circle of their elect. This leads to protracted squabbles. For a while, the goal becomes achieved. But after managing to discover the deception, the man immediately leaves..

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