10 main rules of effective weight loss;

Preparation for weight loss In the

 process of losing excess weight, you will have to face some difficulties, so you need a proper psychological mood. You should choose a reason that can motivate to lose weight.

Perhaps it will be a drive to improve health. After all, extra pounds can cause problems such as disorders of cardiac activity, diabetes, ailments associated with lower limbs. An excellent motivation can be the desire to restore lost external attractiveness (figure, facial features).

Proper drinking regime

Water takes part in many metabolic and digestive processes, including dissolving fat. It eliminates overeating, toxins, reduces appetite. Lack of fluid consumed leads to cellulite, impaired metabolism.

The daily rate of water consumption is from 2 liters per day. The first glass is recommended to drink on an empty scale. Clean water will speed up weight loss. In addition you can drink: mineral water without gas, green tea, natural coffee without sugar, natural vegetable and fruit juices, fermented milk drinking products. herbal fees that improve digestion and split fat.

Features of food intake

Those wishing to lose weight are recommended to adhere to five meals a day. Such a regime can help shake off feelings of hunger. The stomach will start getting used to small portions, decrease in volume, stop demanding food. You will stop overeating and the body accumulate fat.

The weight of one serving should not exceed 150-160 g. Snacking can consist of 1 cup kefir, 1 medium apple, or a handful of nuts. To keep the portions from seeming too small, you can try eating from small plates.

During the meal, you should slowly cook the food. About what you have eaten, the stomach will receive a signal from the brain only after 20 minutes. So don’t rush, enjoy the dishes.

Cooking rules

Not all ways of heat treatment products are suitable during weight loss. It is necessary to exclude frying and smoking. Food cooked this way is poorly digested. Anything that is hard to digest forms adipose tissue.

Food should be steamed or boiled. Can be stewed in a multi-cook or baked in the oven. Vegetables and fruits are better eaten raw. They contain a lot of fiber, which like a brush cleans the thick and small intestines.

Healthy diet With food

, the body should receive all the necessary substances (proteins, fats, carbohydrates), only need to calculate their quantity. Proper nutrition is able to establish metabolism, work of the GI tract, improve the condition of hair, nails and skin, increase immunity.

Useful products Useful

products include non-fat meat — chicken, turkey, rabbit containing animal protein. Lenten varieties of fish – hake, cod, zander, salmon and seafood lobster, shrimp.

Only protein is desirable in chicken eggs. It has just 44 kcal per 100g, while yolk per 100g has 325 kcal.

It is recommended to introduce berries (raspberries, blueberries), greens (dill, parsley, sorrel, spinach) in the diet. Vegetables (courgettes, cucumbers, beets, carrots, tomatoes), almost all types of cabbage are useful. It is worth paying attention to cereals such as green buckwheat, whole-grain oatmeal, unpeeled rice.

Harmful foods, fasting

It is not worth giving up food so as not to harm yourself. You need to eat at least 800-1000 cal per day if you want to lose weight quickly, which is not recommended. For normal weight loss should not exceed 1300-1400 kcal per day.

Among the harmful foods it is worth noting: flour products, sweets, fatty varieties of fish and meat, smoked meat, sausages, potatoes and alcohol.

Weight loss intensity Weighing

should be once a week on a certain day and time. A person can drop between 250g and 1kg a week. Sharp and excessive weight reduction indicates simultaneous loss of fat tissue, muscle mass. This is what leads to skin sagging.

If weight loss is less than 250 g, then you have miscalculated the calorie content of the foods consumed or eaten something from the taboo category.

Workout in the gym or at home, walking

Keep in touch muscles and expend energy will help regular visits to the gym, classes at home. It’s worth starting to move more, take a walk in the fresh air. If it’s hard to walk, you can start from 100-200 m, every day increasing the distance by 100 m.

Adequate self-esteem

Slimming can give the opportunity to increase self-esteem, become more confident, free from constant stresses, learn to love yourself. Some people continue to feel fat, even dropping a decent amount of kilos. In such cases, you can try to ask a specialist for help. He’ll help get rid of the complexes, regain faith in himself.

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