Onyx Stone: magical and healing properties

In a long time ago, onyx was used in rituals. They were decorated with sanctuaries. From it made dishes and various figurines. The stone was valued very highly.

In ancient Greece, onyx was related to Aphrodite. People believed that the stone was the fossilized nails of the goddess that had been cut off by Eros. Personified the mineral love.

The Aztecs used gems in building houses. At the same time, the crystal was applied as the main material. Sometimes houses were erected only of onyx. The Aztecs decorated with stone and temples. Of the mineral were made vessels that were used during sacrifices.

In the modern stage, onyx is often used as a decorative element.


healing properties of onyx

Use stone in healing began almost immediately after its discovery. It has the following properties.

  1. Helps to cope with nervous disorders. Lithotherapists believe that onyx draws apathy and anxiety out of its owner. Thanks to the stone, you can forget about depression.
  2. Helps to cope with heart disease.
  3. Cleans skin cover, restores from cuts and injuries.
  4. Helps get rid of headaches and migraines.
  5. Lithotherapists believe that onyx will help slow down the growth process of cancerous tumors.

Naturally, the mineral is not able to cure itself. It only increases the effect of treatment procedures. At the present stage it is used in one piece form. However, in ancient years from onyx made powder with which wounds sprinkled.

The magical properties of onyx

  1. Onyx is able to sober up thoughts. With the help of the mineral, the concentration increases.
  2. Stone makes its owner more determined and confident. Increases willpower.
  3. Self color destroys fear and imaginary.
  4. With the help of the mineral you can curb your character, become more calm and prudent.
  5. Attracts onyx to the life of its owner luck.
  6. Helps improve diction and develop eloquence. For this pebbles should be put under the tongue.
  7. Protects the onyx of its owner from accidents and betrayal by loved ones.
  8. Elderly people stone will help to find peace.
  9. Helps deal with financial problems.

Who fits onyx

Astrologers believe that stone can be worn not by everyone. He’s very picky. He needs to get used to his owner first. Only then will the gems start to be beneficial.

Perfect stone will suit Ovnam. With it, they will learn to manage their energy and achieve their goals, realize their desires.


mineral Taurus, Virgo and Capricorns will benefit. With the help of stone, representatives of these zodiacal signs will be able to cope with procrastination. They will step up and succeed. Besides, the mineral will help to become more independent.

The virgin stone will increase decisiveness. He will relieve them of the imaginary, the anxiety. Thanks to the mineral, representatives of this sign will become more open and friendly.

It is not recommended to wear the mineral Gemini. Other signs onyx will be suitable only as decoration.

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