Omar Akram: biography, creativity and career

Omar Akram started doing music in early childhood. His parents, wanting to harness the energy of the hyperactive scion at least a little, gave him a piano and invited the teacher. However, the kid was composing his tunes, not wanting to learn.

The beginning of the journey

Biography of a future celebrity began in 1964. The boy was born in New York on November 23 in the family of a diplomat representing the UN Afghanistan.

Because of the peculiarity of the father’s profession, parents often changed The boy toured quite a few countries. The child began to study music at the age of six. Despite wanting only to create his melodies, he came to the conclusion that studying was necessary was engaged Omar with a musician of the Prague Symphony Orchestra.

From the age of 14, the teenager performed with local bands in Havana. The craze for electronic music came to an end after getting acquainted with the work of Lantz and Winston. In 1993 Akram returned to the States. He gave solo performances in Los Angeles.

In 2002, the musician presented the first album “Opal Fire”. The novelty immediately gained recognition, ranking high in “Billboard” magazine’s rankings. The author creates multicultural works without ties to certain countries. That’s his creative credo.


Works it in the direction of new age with oriental and Latin ethnic bias. Listeners noticed the peculiarities of writing from Omar’s first experience. Like the debut compilation, the second album, “Free as a Bird”, the composer released under the name Omar in collaboration with Greg Karukas, who became both sound engineer and producer. The full name the author was pointing from the third disc.

Collaboration with upper-class musicians brought diversity to the sound range of creations. The sound of acoustic piano and keyboards was connected with guitar and flute, and ethnic percussion instruments were used. Virtually all plays are thematically related to travel. In them you can hear motifs of wanderings, beamed by romance or it’s flights into the worlds of feelings of two hearts.

One of the composer’s most famous admirers is writer Paolo Coelho. Thousands of new admirers brought the use of “Dancing with the wind” in the role of music on the writer’s page in “Myspace”.

Life with music

Maestro lives with his wife, daughter and son in Los Angeles. Akram continues to enter the world’s most prestigious venues, loves traveling, he learns traditions, directions and styles.

He knows several foreign languages, but he prefers to speak to fans in the international language of music, which is not afraid of cultural barriers.

His work gives people feelings of peace and harmony. In amazing compositions often hear oriental accents, complement the sound of exotic motifs.


creativity of the winner of “Gramm” 2014 for the collection “Echoes of Love” is understandable and close to everyone. The music makes you immerse yourself in it, causing each listener to have their own video.

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