Olga Zarubina: a brief biography

Starting conditions

 Heaven became a fault or family circumstances, for what unknown reason, Olga Zarubina fell hard, and sometimes dramatic tests. The future pop singer came to light on August 29, 1958 in an ordinary Soviet family. The older brother, who was 10 years older, was already growing up in the house. Parents at that time lived in the Moscow village of Moskvorechye. His father held a senior position and was considered a wealthy man. He had a personal car, which by those times was a rarity. The mother worked as an apparatchik at a chemical plant. The girl was barely two years old when her father tragically died.

After a while, the mother got married, and a stepfather showed up at the house. The man is despotic and rude without much doubt raised his hand on the spouse and children. Olga had to endure several harsh years before she became independent. From an early age, she showed off her musical abilities. She participated with great desire in school self-activity. Her parents felt it necessary to enroll her in music school for a piano class. For the first time, Zarubina took to the stage at the pioneer camp to perform the hush song “Climb the bonfires of the blue nights.”

Creative success

Having received the certificate of maturity, the future performer and did not think seriously to link her life with the stage. Zarubina, on her mother’s advice, entered medical school. After two years she took a course of study and received a diploma in the profession “medical sister”. During her student years, Olga acted as a soloist for the youth vocal and instrumental ensemble. At one of the competitions, she met Vyacheslav Dobrynin. On the recommendation of the master of the Soviet pop, the talented performer was accepted as part of the group “Leisya Song”.

In six months, the debut of the singer on Central TV took place. Zarubina performed a song about the captain in the program “Spot, friends!”. All Union fame was brought to her by the song “So shouldn’t be”, which was written especially for Olga by composer David Tukhmanov. After which the singer began to be invited with performances in popular television programs “Morning Mail”, “Shire Circle” and others. In 1987 Zarubina performed in the final of the TV festival “Song of the Year” with the composition “On the ship music plays”.

Departure to America and personal life

Zarubina’s creative career was very successful. However, in 1991, a phonogram broke at one of the concerts. She had not previously used “plywood.” But this time the singer had a sore throat. This minor casus has been blown into a big scandal. Olga just didn’t stand the psychological pressure and went to the United States with her husband.

Zarubina’s personal life proceeded with variable success. She was married three times. Her first husband was the famous singer Alexander Malinin. The couple had a daughter, Kira, but the couple soon separated. The singer’s second husband and real father for her daughter was producer Vladimir Evdokimov. He died of cancer in 2008.

In 2007 Zarubina returned to her homeland. She appeared on television and radio for several years. She starred in popular talk shows. Today most of it spends time in a country house, engaged in garden and pets.

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