Olga Sinitsyna: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Facts of biography The

 facts of Olga Volodymyrovna Sinitsyna’s biography are so disparate and stingy that it is impossible to build a coherent picture of her childhood and youth. Perhaps the singer does not share information about herself due to personal reasons. According to separate information it was possible to establish that Sinitsyna was born on November 6, 1940, her maiden name was Komissarova. Olga’s youth years took place in the Far East. It is known that after graduation she entered the Far Eastern Polytechnic Institute (DVPI) named after V.V. Kuibyshev in Vladivostok.

What specialty the girl elected and in what year graduated from this university — there are no information. However, it is a fact that she was fond of volleyball during this period and was part of the women’s volleyball team of the DUPI. Accounts of this date back to 1961.

And then begins the period of absolute obscurity of what happened in the fate of Olga Vladimirovna. Firstly, she changed her last name, and she instead of Olga Komissarova became Olga Sinitsina; secondly, she had a daughter, Olga Sinitsyna. It is possible to assume that around 1961-го Olga Vladimirovna got married, however no information about it at all. However, her last name “Sinitsyna” remained for life, and the fame to the future singer came with her.



there is no information about when and why Olga Sinitsyna’s biography took a sharp turn: she decided to become a singer and went to study in Leningrad. Sinitsyna received her higher musical education at the Leningrad State Conservatory named after N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov, studied by vocal class with professor Taisia Andreevna Dokukina; class chamber singing was led by teacher T.S. Saltykova.

After graduating from the conservatory, Sinitsyna’s musical career went abruptly uphill. Olga Vladimirovna began to perform concerts in different cities of Siberia and the Far East, singing accompanied by various orchestras, including Krasnoyarsk Chamber Orchestra, orchestras conducted by famous conductors — Mikhail Benyumov, Alexander Rivkin, Anatoly Bardin, collaborated with organists Lyudmila Kamelina and Alexander Gorin.

Becoming an employee of Roskonzert and Soyuzkort organizations, Sinitsyna went on tour to cities of the Far Eastern region and Siberia, as well as the republics of the Soviet Union: Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania , Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan.$ In 1981 Olga Sinitsyna was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR. In 1987, the Krasnoyarsk State Philharmonic invited the singer to the position of soloist, and in the same year she became People’s Artist of the RSFSR. Sinitsyna toured the whole Krasnoyarsk region — Norilsk, Dickson, Achinsk, Abakan, Nazarovo, Shushenskoye etc.

Olga Sinitsyna’s work Wonderful

in timbre lyric-coloratura soprano Olga Sinitsyna allowed her to perform works of various genres and styles. Its repertoire included many classical Russian romances, folk songs of different peoples, old Italian vocal music, compositions of composers of the twentieth century, including A. Onegger, I. Stravinsky, arias from operas by Russian and foreign composers. In 1983 the creative collaboration of Olga Sinitsyna and Latvian organist Olgerts Tsintiņš began, together with whom the singer gave concerts in organ halls of many cities in the USSR. Sinitsyna performed many works of her spouse — composer Vladimir Porotsky.

Olga Vladimirovna was also recorded at the studio of the recording: in 1985 Melody company released a record with recordings of Russian romances sung by Sinitsyna in the concert hall of the Leningrad Chapel. And in 1990 there was a record “Sonnets of Dark Love”, on which the singer performed the work of her husband V. Porotsky “Six Sonnets of Federico Garcia Lorca” for soprano, violin and piano.


year later, the Sverdlovsk Film Studio (Krasnoyarsk branch) made a two-episode film “Olga Sinitsyna singing”, where the a variety of works performed by the singer.

Pedagogical activity

It is known that Olga Sinitsyna lived for some time in Vladivostok, where she taught vocals at the Far Eastern Institute of Arts. And in 1997, when Sinitsyna had already moved with her husband to Moscow, Alexander Leontievich Degtyaryov, rector of the Moscow State Institute of Music (MGIM), invited Olga Vladimirovna to the university on teaching position.

Personal life During her

life and work in Krasnoyarsk and Vladivostok Olga Sinitsyna married composer Vladimir Porotsky. Vladimir Yakovlevich Porotsky was born in 1944 and studied at Novosibirsk and later at Gorkov State Conservatory. He held the positions of artistic director of such concert organizations as Amur, Primorsky, Krasnoyarsk State Philharmonies, taught at the institutions of arts in Krasnoyarsk and in the Vladivostok (ibid. Sinitsyna), directed the division of the Union of Composers “Siberia — Far East”. Since 1980 Porotsky became a member of the Union of Composers of the USSR, was elected Secretary of the Board.

In marriage, the couple Sinitsyna and Porotsky had a daughter Vladlena Porotskaya, who later became a pianist and organist . Today, the whole family resides in Germany, in the city of Mainz.

Vladlena became the wife of Eugene Schleger; they had two sons — grandchildren Sinitsyna and Porotsky: Heinrich and David-Jacob.

Olga Sinitsyna’s eldest daughter, her namesake Olga Sinitsyna lives in the United States.

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