Olga Nevskaya: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Starting conditions

 Specialists are well aware that girls start singing at an early age. Of course, not all of them become professional performers. It is very important for teachers to notice a capable child in a timely manner. Olga Nevskaya is a singer, has a voice range of three octaves. Artistry, lyricism and dramatism fill her singing. She is proficient in the art of subtle filining and nuancing. These abilities are extremely rare in modern singers. The girl was enrolled in music school when she turned five.

The future singer came to light on November 2, 1979 in an ordinary Soviet family. The parents resided in the famous town of Thule. His father taught electrical engineering at a local university. Her mother worked as a music educator in kindergarten. Olga showed vocal abilities from an early age. She sang and danced at every festive event. In comprehensive school, the girl studied well. After eighth grade, she decided to get a profile education at the local music school named after Dargomyzhsky.

Concert and pedagogical activity

After graduation Olga Nevskaya was enrolled in the state of the Tula Regional Philharmonic. Regular rehearsals and performances began. It took nearly two years for the young singer to form her own repertoire. Only stage colleagues know it’s a very complicated procedure. Olga tried her hand at performing operatic arias. It was impossible to get around jazz improvisations. Russian folk songs are also in demand among modern viewers. Experienced colleagues advised her to pay attention to works from the repertoire of Claudia Shulzhenko, Isabella Yurieva and Alla Bayanova.

Suddenly for herself Olga became passionate about performing classical Russian romances. It is important to note that the audience met the singer very and very kindly. Without stopping her concert activities, Nevskaya graduated from the academic singing course at the Hippolitov-Ivanov Music and Pedagogical Institute. In 2000, the singer completed an internship in Italy. She was invited to share experiences as part of the annual Singing Week program. Several years ago, the singer began to share her experience with students of the theater school of Kazarnovsky.

Recognition and personal life

Olga Nevskaya’s creative career is quite successful. She sings in different styles and in different languages. And that approach brings good results. The performer of romances has repeatedly received the Grand Prix at prestigious competitions, which are held both at home and abroad.

About Olga Nevskaya’s personal life a little is known. She is not officially married. It is known that the singer maintains a relationship with a colleague on the shop floor. Whether they become husband and wife, time will tell.

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