Olga Martynova: biography, creativity, career, personal life

She also said that artists try to hide personal life as thoroughly as possible so as not to lose the interest of fans in their persona. Therefore, no one knew that Vadim was her husband.


Born Olga Martynova in 1981 in Lyubertsy, there passed her childhood. The Martynov family consisted of three female generations: grandmother, mom, and Oli. She grew up as an ordinary girl, went to a regular comprehensive school.

I really loved music, and from early years followed the work of Vadim Kazachenko. She was a regular fan and never thought she could meet a “great entertainer” – that’s how she thought about him then.

After graduation, Olya joined one of the Moscow universities at the Faculty of Economics. After receiving her education, she joined an investment company, but she did not make a career because an important event happened in her life — she met Vadim.

Acquaintance with the singer

In 2006 on an Internet forum where the singer’s work was discussed, Olya unexpectedly crossed with Kazachenko himself. She has since started dreaming of meeting him, and three years later a first date took place.

And in 2014, Kazachenko and Martynova became husband and wife.

The problems began when Olga became pregnant: Vadim began demanding that she get rid of the baby. The young woman didn’t know what to do for her and called the “Let them say” broadcast. There were already a lot of rumors around her marriage to the singer at that point: someone saying they were divorcing, someone attributing extramarital ties to both.

To Martynova’s chagrin, her husband declared that it was not his child — so began the personal drama of the girl in love with the singer.

In March 2017 Oli had a boy, she named him Philip. Kazachenko continued to insist that it was not his child and that he had long offered Olga a divorce. And soon his lawyers filed papers to begin divorce proceedings.

This was not a surprise to Martynova — another surprised: her husband demanded the return of the money he had spent on Olga during the time of living together. The amount was quite small — seven million rubles.

Martynova’s lawyer was Katya Gordon, and she managed to prove that the entire amount the singer demands was spent on joint needs. Olga was left to pay one million, but also this amount fell under appeal.

Then there were more courts: on establishment of paternity, on division of property, on payment of alimony. It came to the point that Kazachenko attacked Olga right in the courtroom. Eventually they were divorced, and most decisions the court made in favor of Martynova.

New life

Now Olga’s personal life is being established: she started dating Stepan Dzhigarkhanyan, stepson famous entertainer. They met on television when they participated in the program “Let them Speak”.

Olga herself maintains a personal blog, does coaching and participates in many TV shows.

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