Olesya Fattakhova: biography, career, personal life, interesting facts

Olesya Fattakhova was born in 1989. There was this event on February 13 in Kaliningrad. Irina Graboreva is Olesi’s mom. She did music. Thanks to her efforts, the actress is able to play the piano and cimbalas. Olesi has a younger brother, whose name is Nikita.

A brief biography


Irina tried to instill in the girl a love for beauty from a very young age. She patiently explained to the girl why it was necessary to be beautiful. She regularly spoke about the acting profession in her statements, although Olesya did not intend to become an actress.

The house was constantly created a creative atmosphere. Her mom taught music. She wanted her daughter to receive a similar education. Therefore, in parallel with her schooling, Olesya regularly visited the music studio. First I studied piano playing, then I mastered cymbalas.

The schedule at the future star was very tight. Olesya regularly took part in various competitions, constantly went to concerts. At the same time I brought with me awards. But the girl herself doesn’t believe she has musical talent.

The acting career was thought of by fate. Olesya fell in love with Ilya Noskov after watching the miniseries project “Azazel”. The actor appeared in the image of Erasta Fandorin. To meet the man, Olesya worked out an action plan.

Primarily, she was to enter a theater studio. She successfully coped with this after finishing grade 9. Then there was training at Creative Experiments Studio. The girl realized she wanted to be an actress not because she fell in love. She enjoyed the performances on stage. The would-be actress realised she had found her calling.

After receiving the certificate, Olesya went to conquer Moscow. She managed to enter the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography.

First steps in film career

After graduation, Olesya Fattakhova began to attend endless tests. He received his first role in the motion picture “Two Sisters”. She appeared in the image of a heroine named Lyanka. The debut as the lead character was in the film project “Oi, Kalina Blossoms”. Filming of the multi-series tape took place on the territory of China.

A few months later, actress Olesya Fattakhova starred as Zinaida in the film “Night Swallows”.

In 2014, Olesya Fattakhova’s filmography was supplemented with the film “Bring Back My Love”. This project instantly made the actress famous. Played Olesya a girl named Vera. On one set she worked with actors Stanislav Bondarenko and Dmitry Pchela.

The project “The One Who Doesn’t Sleep” was a success. Olesya Fattakhova got the leading role, appearing before her fans in the image of the hypnotist Alice. She worked on the creation of the painting together with Kirill Dytsevich.

Olesa happened to play a role in the international project. The girl starred in the film “Sultan of My Heart”. Filming lasted several years on the grounds of the city, which was created specifically for a motion picture. A posh palace was built on 24 hectares. Streets, markets, lodges appeared. Designers tried to create beautiful scenery for filming.

In Olesya Fattakhova’s filmography it is worth highlighting such projects as “Angel’s Blood”, “Alien’s Life”, “Souvenir from Odessa”, “Mother’s Heart”, “Three Captains”, “Unbeautiful Girlfriend”. At the present stage, Olesya Fattakhova is filmed exclusively in multi-series projects.

Outside the set

Olesya Fattakhova doesn’t like to talk about her personal life. But it is known that the actress was married. Her choice was Roman Steplesky. The girl met the actor in her student years. It was during training that the relationship originated. Together they starred in the motion picture “Oi, Kalina Blossoms”.

In 2010, Olesya gave birth. The daughter was named Maria by the happy parents. Roman Stevensky and Olesya Fattakhova were married when they finished their studies.

There are constant rumours in the media that Roman and Olesi’s relationship is on the verge of breaking up. The actor lives in Kazakhstan, and the girl works a lot in Russia and Ukraine. Besides, Olesya once declared that she is the only nurse in the family. This was the reason for rumours that the divorce had already taken place. At first, actors refused to discuss the secrets of private life. But then Olesya admitted in one of interviews that the divorce still took place.

The actress subsequently admitted she was in love with her set colleague Stanislav Bondarenko. She didn’t even communicate with him for a while when she realized she wasn’t acting quite adequately. Now all the lovers have passed, Olesya Fattakhova and Stanislav Bondarenko are just good friends. The girl admitted that while in the first place she has a job. But she believes she will still meet a man with whom she will live for the rest of her days.

A lot of time the talented actress pays to her daughter. She for Masha even an individual horoscope made. The actress believes that Masha will be a wonderful organizer of the holidays in the future. Olesi’s daughter already attends music school, teaches languages and draws.

In his spare time Olesya visits the gym. Also, she monitors nutrition.

Interesting facts

  1. Olesya still met with the person for whom she decided to become an actress. It turned out that she and Ilya Noskov have many mutual friends who introduced the actors.
  2. Olesya Fattakhova is studying English. The teacher communicates with Skype.
  3. At the age of 10, Olesya participated in a beauty pageant. She received the title of Miss Charm.
  4. Olesa doesn’t like the expression “ex-husband.” She calls Roman Stefsky “Machine Dad”.
  5. Olesya Fattakhova is fond of astrology, floristics, design and psychology. She certainly would have been able to find her place in this life if she hadn’t become an actress.
  6. The girl doesn’t plan to be only an actress. She wants to become a director and try out at coaching. Besides, Olesya plans to write her own book.

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