Oleg Zbarashchuk: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Childhood and adolescence

 Perennial practice shows that it is very difficult to build capital with your own efforts and brains. Both hard and difficult, but you can. Oleg Anatolyevich Zbarashchuk convincingly confirms this thesis with his personal example. Some competitors and a certain part of the public claim that “unwind” it is helped by rich relatives. Another part of detractors insist he is simply sick with a “stellar” illness. Oleg treats such rumors inefferently. He is satisfied with a heated environment. Sometimes he himself serves up an informational excuse for bored journalists.

The future producer came to light on July 30, 1984 in an ordinary Soviet family. The parents lived in the famous city of Vinnytsia. His father worked as a cameraman at a flour mill. The mother worked as a sanitary doctor in the city section of the Sanepidstation. Oleg showed leadership abilities from an early age. When the kids on the street started playing football, he was definitely the captain of one of the teams. And this team won more often. He studied well at school, but there were no stars from the sky.

Organizational activity

to Odnoklassniki and teachers he was remembered for having organized a full-fledged school disco. To do this, the radio arm had to be restored. Find the necessary equipment and attract class musicians and DJ to participate in the event. Entrance to the disco cost 50 kopecks. With the money raised bought a quality microphone for the school studio. After a successful event, Oleg took up organizing the festival “Miss School”. Journalists from all city media gathered to view and evaluate the level of preparation of the competition. After the final, Zbarashchuk was talked about as a professional.

After graduating, Oleg received a profile education at the local pedagogical university. Simultaneously with his studies he developed his career as an organizer of cultural and mass events. Gradually the producer got the necessary connections, and developed his own method of communication with the stars of show business. With concerts in Vinnytsia came musical groups “Okean Else”, “Lyapis Trubetskoy”, “Toys”. From the scene of the city palace of culture, Philip Kirkorov and Ani Lorak sang. In recent years, Zbarashchuk has been engaged in producing the television humorous project “Diesel Show”.

Recognition and personal life

In addition to his production activities, Zbarashchuk writes music and lyrics. So far these compositions have not been performed from the stage, but their time will come. A few years ago Oleg was included in the list of five most influential producers in Ukraine.

Zbarashchuk’s personal life developed safely. He resides in a legal marriage to the soloist from “Diesel Shaw”, Yana Glushchenko. Husband and wife grow and raise their son.

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