Oleg Markeyev: a brief biography

Starting conditions

 In his speeches and reasoning, Oleg Georgievich Markeyev repeatedly claimed that the reader seeks to find in books not only pleasant entertainment, but also new knowledge. If you reject isoteric knowledge and the existence of a “thin world”, the activities of secret orders, the existence of state secretaries and intelligence services, the picture recreated on the pages of the book will be inadequate. Accordingly, the analysis will not be complete. The author, in modern conditions, needs to find the optimal ratio of useful content and entertainment text.

The future writer came to light on March 19, 1963 in a military family. The parents at that time lived in Moscow. His father headed a pulpit at the Armoured Troops Academy. Her mother taught foreign languages at one of the civic universities. Oleg grew up a calm and observant boy. Possessing a good memory, he learned to read early and demonstrated aptitude for foreign languages. At school, Markeev studied well. He was active in sports. By the graduating class, he met the first category standards in swimming and athletics.

Road to creativity 

After graduating from school, Markeev decided to get a profile education in Higher the school of border troops at the branch of military interpreters. After receiving the diploma of military referent-interpreter, Lieutenant Markeyev received an appointment for further service in the Far Eastern Frontier District. In 1989 it was transferred to the southern frontiers of the USSR to Tajikistan. This is where the officer was caught rebuilding. After much hesitation and doubt, Oleg decided to quit the army. By then, personnel officers were being written off, which is called, packs.

On the citizen of thirty – the summer man without a suitable specialty nobody especially waited. Bailed out a skill acquired in service. Oleg began to translate esoteric-themed articles from Chinese, and detectives and mystical novels from English. After a short time, Markeev proved himself as an author. In 1996 saw light the novel “Special Period”, which was the first in the “Wanderer” cycle. A further reversal of events showed that the works of a military translator are distinguished by a harmonious synthesis of a sharp action film, a political detective and a mystical thriller.

Professional activity and demise 

Until today critics speculate on which genre to refer Markeev’s works. In fact, in all his books, the author, more or less, maintains an account of the activities of the secret society, which is called the Order of the Polar Eagle.

There is

no reliable data left about the writer’s personal life. Oleg Markeyev died in June 2009. The next novel “Babylon’s Daughter” remained unwritten. The circumstances of the death have not yet been clarified. Only one thing is known — the writer’s laptop disappeared from the apartment.

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