Nonna Mordyukova: brief biography

Starting conditions

The famous Soviet actress came to light on November 25, 1925 far from Moscow. The parents lived in the village of Otradnaya on the territory of Krasnodar Krai. The father was listed as a military personnel and held a position in the local military enlistment office. The mother worked as chairman of a collective farm. The family was big — four sisters and two brothers grew up in the house. As a senior from an early age, Nonna helped her mother in household chores and in raising her children. As a child, the girl showed her musical and artistic abilities.

When the war broke out, his father was sent to the active army. In battles with the enemy, he lost a leg and returned home after being defeated by a disabled man. Mother with children didn’t have time to evacuate to the rear and hid from occupiers on the remote village. Nonna was a baby girl, and such Germans were taken to work in Germany. In 1945, Mordyukova graduated from school and firmly decided to enter VGIK. She dreamed of the profession of actress back in her school years. Her parents disapproved of their daughter’s aspirations, but did not deter her from traveling to Moscow. Nonna’s entrance exams and creative competition took place from the first set.


creative activity 

studied diligently, and it was noted by teachers. In 1948, the film “The Young Guard” was released to the country’s screens. As a student, Nonna played one of the lead roles in the painting. Reincarnated as a member of the resistance to Ulyan Gromov, she received the highest praise of the audience and critics. A year later, official recognition of the young actress’s talent followed — Mordyukova became the winner of the Stalin Prize. In 1950, after receiving her diploma, a professional distribution actress entered service at the Motion Picture Actor Theatre.

According to the actress herself, the theater scene did not appeal to her. Mordyukova gave her heart and talent to cinema. And it was mutual love. It can be said that throughout Nonna Viktorovna’s life there were no big downtime or long pauses between filming. Soviet viewers of the older generation remembered and loved her for her roles in the films “Volunteers”, “Everything Begins from the Road”, “Father’s House”, “Alien Rodnya” and others. At one time it was noted that the actress by her participation in the shooting brings success to the picture.

Recognition and personal life

For a great contribution to the development of Soviet film art, Nonna Viktorovna Mordyukova was awarded the honorary title “People’s Artist of the USSR”. Already in post-reform Russia it was awarded the Order “For Merit to the Fatherland”.


actress’s personal life will not call successful. She married the famous Soviet actor Vyacheslav Tikhonov for the first time. Without the slightest exaggeration, it was the star-studded pair of Soviet cinema. They had a son, but thirteen years later the family broke up. Mordyukova tried to create a cell of society more than once, but without success. The actress died in July 2008.

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