Nolvenn Le Roy: biography, creativity career and personal life

Nolvenn Le Magress has adored Brittany, the sea and Celtic legends since childhood. In his youth, the future star was long hesitant to choose singing the work of life.

The road to the vocation

Biography of a future celebrity began in 1982 in the commune of Saint-Renan. The child was born on September 28 in the family of footballer Jean-Luc Le Magress. Due to his father’s work, the moves were permanent. Nolvenn learned to adapt quickly at the new location. In 1990, a younger sister, Kay, was born. In 1992, the parents separated. The mother and the girls moved to her grandparents at the end of 1993.


schoolgirl’s musical abilities were noticed by a music teacher at the College “Célestins” in Vichy. He advised the girl to learn to play the violin. In the summer of 1998, Nolvenn traveled to the United States under a student exchange program. Then she wrote the first song.

In the United States, a girl thanks to a friend performed in “Performing Arts School”. Back in his homeland, the future star left the violin, switching to vocal training. Lessons continued at the regional Conservatory of Clermo-Féran. In 2001 the student joined the Faculty of Law, deciding to choose a career as a diplomat. The desire to sing at her did not leave her.

The success

News of casting in “Star Akademi” the girl perceived skeptically. She had long questioned whether to try her strength. After the conclusion of the show’s first season, the fellow contestant sent her entry. The challenger reached the final of the competition in December 2002. The first album of the winner of the popular show, named “Nolwenn”, was released in early spring 2003. Within the first week, it became top-of-the-line.

By the end of 2005, the singer introduced a new compilation, “Histoires Naturelles”. It went platinum a couple of weeks later, with the first single “Nolwenn Ohwo!” turned into a sales leader.

The DVD “Histoires Naturelles Tour” the vocalist recorded after the tour in October 2007. Then Leroy, who became entertainer of the year, won the “Chérie FM” award.

Family and stage

In the style of pop folk released a new compilation “Le Cheshire Cat et Moi” at the end of 2009. 11 compositions for him the performer herself wrote. A year later, fans received a novelty. The disc “Bretonca” was composed by folk songs with the exception of the composition written specifically for Le Roy “Je ne serai jamais ta parisienne”.

The album “Gemme” is completed in 2017. At this time, the singer decided to suspend careers in order to give more time to the family.

Nolvenn prefers not to tell about her personal life. Her choice was tennis player Arnaud Clément. They met in 2008. In the family on July 12, 2017 there was a baby son Marin. Le Roy was supported by the choice of the husband, who decided to change the career of the athlete to coaching. Arnaud approves the desire of his wife to continue stage creativity.

Le Roy and Clément have no plans to make family life the domain of everyone. There have been no photos or interviews of the pair for a decade. No information about waiting for the baby press could be obtained almost before the birth of the boy. In doing so, Nolvenn has already firmly decided that it will combine the career of mom and singer.

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