Nina Romanova: biography, creativity, career, personal life


always interesting to know how the fate of people born into royal families developed. They were the colour of the aristocracy, yet an event such as the 1917 revolution turned their entire lives steeply.


Born Nina Georgievna in 1901 in St. Petersburg. Naturally, the princess grew up not as ordinary children. Her childhood passed in the palace where she was born. When she turned four, she was taken to Germany to be treated for diphtheritis. It was a fairly common disease at the time. Fortunately, everything was done, and the family of Prince Grigory Mikhailovich went to Crimea, where Haraks Palace was built for them.

And in honor of her name in 1906, the Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord was laid — so the father decided to note Nina’s recovery. By then, she had a younger sister, Xenia, and the girls were brought up together. They lived the lives of real princesses, and at the same time learned a lot. After all, they had to come out in the light once, know etiquette and languages, show themselves erudite, read. Therefore, their days were not held in celebration, rather on the contrary – it was constant learning and the most versatile education.

Nina is known to have known several languages. With her father, she spoke Russian, with her mother in English, and with Xenia in French. The Prince often carried his wife and children abroad: they visited the most picturesque and interesting places in England, Denmark, Greece, France. Impressions from the trips were many and they had a lot to talk about.

Unfortunately, Maria Georgievna and Georgi Mikhailovich were not happy in marriage, and they did not have the friendly family, which are if there is love between the spouses. But the father spent a lot of time to his daughters: playing with them, reading, sometimes they just talked or fooled. And Maria Georgievna spent most of her time abroad — resting or being treated.

Departing for England in


Summer of 1914 she also went to the English resort, but this time took her daughters with her. She was uncomfortable in Russia, and she left the country under any pretext. You could say that this time the trip was a saving one, because soon the First World War began, in which Russia was involved. Princess with Nina and Xenia lived in the town of Harrogate and constantly corresponded with George Mikhailovich, but she refused to return to Russia.

Her decision saved her and her daughters life because in 1919 Georgi Mikhailovich was shot like other grand dukes.


personal life

was educated in England and became an artist. As a youth, she dated Paul, a Greek prince. However, when she met the Georgian prince Chavchavadze, favored him.

In 1922, Nina became the wife of Pavel Chavchavadze. In 1927, she and her husband emigrated to the United States, where they lived for the rest of the days, rather modestly. In 1924, they had a son, David. He served in the CIA and wrote the book “Grand Dukes”. Several times he came to Russia, the homeland of his ancestors.

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