Nina Panteleeva: a brief biography

Children’s Years


 biography of Nina Vasilyevna Panteleeva confirms the known truth that the Ural land is rich not only in minerals, but also talented people. The future pop singer came to light on December 28, 1923 in a working family. Parents by that time lived in the capital of the industrial Urals city of Sverdlovsk. His father worked at one of the steel companies. The mother was involved in raising children and running a household. The girl from an early age was prepared for independent life. Nina grew up as a homesick assistant to her mother and managed to attend a vocal studio at the town’s Pioneers House.

His father was characterized by a simple character and a good voice. Often, on weekends, relatives and friends gathered in the house of Panteleevs. Folk songs and chastushki were always heard at the festive table. Nina also tried to sing adults with her thin voice. After graduating, she passed a selection competition and enrolled in the vocal department of a local music school. Already in her student years, Panteleeva started working as a soloist at the Sverdlovsk radio studio. With the outbreak of war, prospective plans she had to postpone until better times.

On the professional scene

Even though the war rumbled far away in the West, the situation in the city resembled a front-line. In the Urals every day there arrived echelons with wounded fighters. Schools, cultural palaces and other administrative buildings occupied the hospitals. Nina Panteleeva independently compiled a program of performances in hospital wards in front of the wounded. At one of her performances, she met composer Lyudmila Lyadova. They realized from the first minutes of communication that they were set to “one wave.” For several years the Lyadov-Panteleev duo were considered one of the best in the Soviet Union.

In 1946, the composer and singer became winners of the All-Union Competition of Variety Artists. After such success, Nina Vasilyevna was admitted to the Ural State Conservatory. In 1950, after receiving her diploma, Panteleeva moved to work for the All-Union Touring and Concert Association to begin a solo career. By that point, she already had enough experience to independently “swim”. Before long, the singer began working with accompanist Willy Berzin.


recognition and personal life

toured not only in his native country. The singer was very loved and welcomed in Japan. Nina Vasilyevna willingly performed songs in her native language for the audience, among them were popular among the audience “Yamete”, “Drummer”, “Why the Words”.


singer’s personal life developed successfully. She married pianist Willy Berzine. The couple lived their entire lives under one roof. Honored Artist of the RSFSR died in February 2000.

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