Nina Brodsky: a brief biography

Childhood and youth

 About the song work of this performer can be told much and long. Nina Alexandrovna Brodskaya frankly admits that the song played a huge role in her life. When difficult minutes and even months happened, the singer went to the provincial town and performed in front of its residents. Performed songs from her rich repertoire for free. Oddly as it sounds, but acts of this kind irritated officials from the culture. But at peak bureaucratic ploy, many famous poets and composers willingly collaborated with the talented singer.

The future star of Soviet pop came to light on December 11, 1947 in the family of a musician. The parents at that time lived in Moscow. His father played the percussion rig in one of the jazz ensembles. The mother did the household and raised her daughter. The girl was already at an early age showing vocal and musical abilities. From the age of five, Nina performed at matinees and other ceremonial events at kindergarten. When the singer turned eight, she was enrolled in music school, where she was trained in the technique of playing piano.

Concert activity 

After receiving her matriculation certificate, Brodskaya continued her studies in music school of the name of the October Revolution. In 1965, she graduated with honors from the conducting and choral department of this institution. Profile education was useful for her in the future. And the creative career developed as successfully, so and unexpectedly. Quite by chance, the aspiring singer met the head of the popular jazz orchestra, Eddie Rosner. To tell the truth, he’s the one who looked up a talented girl with unique vocal data.

From that moment on, the rapid career of pop singer began. Brodskaya not only performed on stage, but also performed songs in motion pictures. Many popular actresses “sang” her voice. So it was in the painting “Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Profession”, “Adventures of Buratino”, “Women”. Records with recordings by Nina Brodsky diverged across the country in millions of copies. Songs such as “Multicolored kibitki”, “August”, “If you tell me a word”, “One snowflake, not snow yet”. But all good things will end someday.

Emigration and personal life

In the late 70s in the Soviet Union began, what is called, clamping down on Jewish cultural figures. It was during that period that Emil Horovets, Anatoly Dniprov, Boris Sichkin left the country. Nor did Nina Brodsky stand the pressure. Over the ocean, the singer, along with her husband and son, settled in New York City.

Brodskaya’s personal life developed safely. She married musician Vladimir Bogdanov. Husband and wife raised and raised a son. In recent years, the singer is often invited to Russia. She performs in compilation concerts. Participates in the jury of various competitions and festivals. He continues to write poetry and musical works.

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