Nina Brodskaya: biography, creativity, career and personal life

There are a lot of ups in Nina Alexandrovna’s creative destiny, but there are also downs. Only from the side the stage career looks perfect.


The biography of the future star began in 1947. The girl appeared in Moscow on December 11 in the family of a musician. From the age of five, the baby was engaged in music. Nina studied to play the piano, attended music-school. The graduate continued her education at the conducting and choral department of the musuchilic.

The 16-year-old vocalist was invited to join Eddie Rosner’s Jazz Orchestra. The first song performed by her “Love-Ring” became a hit. There was a composition in the film “Women”. The aspiring performer has found celebrity.

A couple of years later, in 1968, Brodskaya participated in the International Song Contest, becoming a diploma of the competition. Touring, recording, filming began. All tracks for motion pictures were becoming hits, and concerts gathered full halls.

At the same time, the soloist became the initiator and participant of the ensemble “Merry Guys”. By the early seventies, the vocalist was one of the most popular performers in the country. Leonid Gaidai suggested Brodskaya to sing in his comedy “Ivan Vasilyevich changes profession” famous then “Zvenit January vyuga…”.

Complications and successes

changed all of a sudden. On television and radio, Nina was no longer invited. However, as before at her performance it was difficult to get a ticket, and photos of the vocalist certainly adorned the collections of all the music artists. She recorded songs for “Adventures of Buratino”, “Three Days in Moscow”, “Radioniani”.

In 1979, the singer moved to the United States. She continued her creativity in a new place. One of the first in the new place was the record “My Past and Present” with songs from past years and new authors.

The singer successfully debuted with the disc “Crazy Love”. All the songs, and lyrics, and music, were written by Brodskaya herself. The success was deafening: the compositions were praised by both Russian and American listeners. The songs ranked high on America’s charts.

Family and creativity

In 1982 the artist presented unknown songs, the album “Moscow — New York”. In 1993 fans were presented with the compilation “Come to USA”.

In 1994, the vocalist visited her homeland. During her absence, fans have not forgotten the singer. Brodskaya participated in the jury of “Slavic Bazaar”, sang in the compilation concerts. She was speaking at celebrations for the capital’s jubilee. The vocalist comes to Russia regularly, presents new records.

Besides musical creativity Nina Aleksandrovna owns the art of the word. The singer has written two books — an exquisite mix of memoirs and shocking revelations with funny cases from practice. “The Naked Truth About Variety Stars” and “The Hooligan” came out in 2006 and 2007.

Happily, too, the star’s personal life. Vladimir Bogdanov, a trombonist, became the celebrity’s choice and husband. In the family in 1971 appeared son Maxim. He became a musician.

Nina Aleksandrovna does not stop creative activities. In 2009, she recorded the CD “Come With Me!”. About the work of Eddie Rosner singer in 2010 prepared a book. It is accompanied by a disc of music and songs by the composer.

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