Nikolay Zhukov: biography, creativity, career, personal life

During his creative life Nikolay N. Zhukov created many works of art. He painted posters, pictures for the magazine “Murzilka”, on his account — more than 2500 portraits of V. AND. Lenin.

The biography

of Zhukov Nikolay Nikolaevich came to light in early December 1908 in Moscow. The family then moved to Vyatka. When the boy turned 7 years old, he moved to Yelets with his parents.
Nicholas’s grandfather and great-grandfather were painters. These educated people insisted that Nikolai Nikolaevich’s father should study as well. Therefore, the father of our hero received a decent legal education at the University of Berlin and St. Petersburg.

Nikolai Nikolaevich’s artistic talent was manifested at an early age. When he was 10, he drew playing cards on tight paper. Then she and her mom cut them out, and she changed the cards on the market for milk and bread.

Another boy perfectly redrew illustrations from various books and magazines.

At the initial stage of his work Nikolay Nikolaevich himself learned artistic skills. He copied his father’s donated reproductions of paintings by famous painters.

After graduation, the young man entered a technical school, where he was taught art and industrial craft. After receiving special education, the young man enters the Saratov Art School. After being released from it, he retires to the army.


Returning from the army, Nicholas begins to work, including on order. This is his drawing on a pack of “Kazbek” papyros, once popular in the Soviet Union. Then there were many more works for “Murzilka” magazine.

But first Nikolai Nikolaevich won the advertising poster competition in London. 5 of his works participated in this artistic competition. But in order to be honest, the names of the artists on the canvases were not written. And in this anonymous contest Zhukov won a brilliant victory. After all, of his five masterpieces, 4 took first place.

Son of his era

Since Nikolai Zhukov lived during the revolution, during the period of the formation of the Soviet power, he painted classics of ideas of communism — Marx and Engels. He also creates many works about Lenin. When Nikolai Zhukov had a daughter Alina, it gave an additional round of creativity.

In his paintings, a happy family man, husband and father paints children. He is happy to portray Lenin in the Forest School and in other institutions where there were many children.

Zhukov also paints his daughter at various stages of growing up. But it was later.


The famous portraitist created many heroic posters. Some of them call to defend Moscow, others talk about the importance of encircling orphans with maternal love and weasel, others glorify Soviet pilots.

Creative career

Nikolai Zhukov has created a lot of significant works. It is not only drawing posters, illustrating children’s books and the magazine “Murzilka”, developing the design of the papyrous pack “Kazbek”, but also the October star. It was Zhukov who became the author of this attribute of children’s symbols of the USSR.

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