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On the vastness of the Internet appeared the name and surname of Nikolay Shevchenko. Who is he, a doctor from God or a quack? According to the homegrown medic, he has invented a method that allows to effectively and safely cure diseases that official medicine is not able to defeat.


Nikolay Viktorovich Shevchenko was born in Moscow region in 1965 on the eve of the men’s holiday — February 23. He is now way beyond 50 years old. He assures he looks younger. It’s a moot point though. Nikolay Viktorovich says that such a worthy appearance at him thanks to the fact that for many years he drinks a therapeutic mixture that invented.


Previously, the surname of this miracle man was unknown. But then there was the so-called Shevchenko method. The author says his whole life turned over when he read an excerpt from “The Gospel.” After that, the swordsman began to often meet people who told him about interesting treatments for cancer. And the recipe has always been the same.

Then Shevchenko began to study the processes that occur in the body thanks to a unique projectile.

The author of the means has released several books, where he told about the miraculous means, how it should be applied.

In 1995 Shevchenko patented his method, and write the formula and write a text with Shevchenko’s description helped famous professor Pyzhov S.V.

Trust, but check?

Nikolay Viktorovich’s work was manifested not only in the publication of books about folk treatment. He also writes on the Internet voluminous reviews, in which he tells about meetings, conversations with different people.

So, Shevchenko assures that one grandmother from Moscow cured the same tackle the neighbor Silayev hopelessly ill with bladder cancer. Like Shevchenko, she used a mixture of vegetable oil and vodka. The author emphasizes that it is impossible to take linseed oil, as in large quantities it is dangerous. It is not yet necessary to use for long-term treatment other oils, which also contain glycoside linamarine. This substance is capable of turning into poisonous sinic acid.

Shevchenko’s method

Vladimir Viktorovich claims that treatment is better to start with prayer. Then it is necessary to pour unrefined sunflower oil and vodka into a small tank with the lid.

The contents of one or two vitamin E capsules bought in the pharmacy are added here. Capacity is closed. After whipping the jar for 3-5 minutes, the patient drinks a single dose of questionable remedy.

It is important to note that modern medicine recognized Shevchenko’s method as unofficial. It is up to experts to decide whether Nikolay Viktorovich made a great contribution to the treatment of complex diseases. Of course, only chartered experienced doctors can correctly determine diagnosis, prescribe treatments. And their recommendations cannot be neglected in any way.

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