Nikolay Efremov: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Nikolay Efremov — descendant of a widely known artistic surname, grandson of Russian celebrity and favorite of the audience Oleg Nikolaevich Efremov (1927-2000), creator of the theater” Contemporary”. Parents of the actor are no less famous – People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Evgenia Dobrovolskaya and Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Mikhail Efremov. Nicholas himself became recognizable after filming in the comedy fantasy “The Book of Masters”. In total, there are just over ten films in his portfolio.


Born future actor in Moscow in 1991. From childhood he was surrounded by an atmosphere of creativity and theatricality in a good sense of the word. His parents tried to give Kola the opportunity to develop his talents, and gave him to the children’s vocal and musical collective “Neposedy”. Mischa went to this studio for several years and thus prepared for a future profession: children not only sang, but also engaged in stage speech and acting.

Seeing before his eyes the example of Nikita’s father and older brother, Misha decided to become an actor too. He joined GITIS, the acting faculty, where Alexey Borodin was its supervisor. This teacher has educated such stars of Russian cinema as Chulpan Hamatova, Mikhail Polezeymako, Nelly Uvarova.

Career in cinema

By the time of admission to university Nikolai already had experience in cinema: as a teenager he starred in a joint Russian-Belarusian project — drama “Dunechka” (2004) together with his father Mikhail Efremov, as well as actors Vladimir Zablytsov, Igor Bochkin and others. It was a wonderful experience when Nikolai was able to watch the game of the real masters and take part in this action. Later, he was very proud to have his contribution to the success of the film: “Dunechka” won the Grand Prix of the Moscow Premiere Festival and several awards of international film festivals.

In 2008, director Roman Prygunov selected Efremov for a role in the film “Indigo” about children with superpowers. Nikolai played Zakhar’s friend here (actor Pavel Jasenok). And it was again a superb acting school, in which colleagues and at the same time teachers were Gosha Kutsenko, Artem Tkachenko, Maria Shukshina and others. After graduation, Nicholas starred in the painting “The Book of Masters”, which made him truly recognizable. This fabulous fantasy film also turned out quite successful. Efremov got an interesting role: he created the image of a young boy in love Kuzma, who chose not someone, but a real princess.

In recent years, the films “Aunties” (2013), “Island” (2016), “Double Solid” (2017) appeared in the actor’s portfolio. Also recently, Nikolai played in the play “Plant a Tree” together with his father — Mikhail Olegovich. Critics noted that the performance could become highly popular because it raises a topical theme: the attitude of fathers and children.

 Personal life

In 2019, Efremov’s fans were upset — he married. His wife became Vlada Kiselyeva, whom he met for quite a while. Vlada works in advertising and education.

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