Nikolay Baranov: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Baranov Nikolay Mikhailovich was a talented painter. His vernissages took place in different cities in Russia. This creative person was awarded the title of Honored Artist, was in the Union of Artists of the USSR.


Nikolay Mikhailovich Baranov was born in May 1929 in Vladimir Oblast. His minor homeland became the village of Myachkovo.

When it was 90 years since the birth of the artist, his widow Valentina Ivanovna Titova helped to hold an evening of memory of the talented painter. She told a lot of interesting things that day. According to the widow you can make a portrait of the artist himself.

Talking about the biography of Nikolai Mikhailovich, the spouse recalls when he was a little, before the outbreak of war he was saved by his brother from a serious illness. Kolya lived then in the village and there was no specialized medical care there. The older brother came here, took out the boy and went together with him for examination to the city of Vladimir. Doctors diagnosed the child and sent to a bone tuberculosis sanatorium.

Here the boy was treated, and he developed his artistic gift. One of the educators helped the child in his work by giving colored pencils. When the boy was cured in the sanatorium, he went again to his native village. Here he completed 7 classes, then went to the city of Vladimir — to the art craft school.


Having received a specialty and a decent education, Nikolay Baranov goes to work in the theater as an artist-designer. Here he meets many famous actors with whom he has developed excellent relationships.

Then Nikolay Mikhailovich works in the museum, decorates the art gallery of the city of Vladimir. It is located in the central park. Painter made a great contribution to the founding of the Art Center in St. Vladimir. The building intended for this purpose could not be placed at the disposal of artists. But Nikolay Mikhailovich helped speed up the case, and so in Vladimir the center of IO arose.

Brave youngster

Future famous artist was still a teenager when he showed his resilient character. Since the child even after arrival from the sanatorium had problems with his feet, he went to school on crutches. It was 10 km from the house.

At the educational institution, Kolya hid crutches and walked around school without them. But one day these means of movement were stolen. Then Nicholas had to get home without crutches, covering such a long distance. This case was told by the adult fellow villager Nikolay Baranov. He noted that later the artist also clearly followed his path, despite the difficulties.



of the

Painter left behind many wonderful works this and:

– “The High Shore”;

-” Lilac May”;

– “Bird Homon”;

– “In an Ancient Park”.

With such poetic words Baranov N. M. named his works. His still lifes, landscapes, painted with oil and tempera, can be viewed for hours. No wonder about them they say that as if the verse lines were translated into the language of the lines. So talented was the artist and man — Nikolay Mikhailovich Baranov.

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