Nikolay Abramov: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Nikolay Viktorovich Abramov – by nationality Veps. He was a poet, writer, journalist and translator.


Nikolay Viktorovich was born in January 1961. It came to light in Leningrad Oblast, in the village of Ladva. By nationality Abramov veps. It is a small people who belong to the Finno-Ugric group. What is interesting, before 1917 this nation was called the word miracle.

Since childhood Nikolay knew not only his national language, but also Russian. When the time came, the boy went to school in the village of Vinnitsa, and finished it in 1978.

Then Nikolai went to improve his education and entered the Topographic Technical School. The future writer continues to improve. Then he graduates from the State University in Petrozavodsk and enters the Ural Pedagogical University, which also successfully graduates.


In the period of study and after it Nikolay Viktorovich tried many professions. He worked as a state farm worker, a mover, worked on a saworam. He also went on surveying expeditions, was a photographer there.

At one time Abramov worked even as director of the rural house of culture. But then he becomes a correspondent for various newspapers. After that the famous writer was invited to the position of editor-in-chief of the newspaper. More recently, he labored at the National Karelian Library.

In 1998 Abramov is accepted into the Russian Writers’ Union, and five years later he becomes a member of the Russian Union of Journalists. He is then admitted to the Board of the Karelian Union of Journ

Due to a serious illness, Nikolay Viktorovich retired from life in January 2016, on the eve of his birthday.


Already famous writer Nikolay Viktorovich Abramov received various titles and prizes. In 2011, he became an honored worker of the culture of the Karelian Republic, and a year after his death he was awarded the title of People’s Writer of the Republic.

In one of his poems, called “The Candle”, the poet says in rhymed form that he will pray his sins, and that will remain, they will burn in the stove. The writer wrote that when the candle burns, he will open his heart again, and when the time comes, he will fly away like an autumn crane.

Abramov dedicated beautiful poems to the woman as well. He compares her hands to branches of birches, eyes to lakes. Her lips are like a strawberry placer, and her voice is like a crane in the spring sky. Such beautiful comparisons in the poet’s works.

But as early as 2005 in his verse lines slip sad notes. Abramov wrote that his soul cries, and when he leaves, he will take with him both lakes and eyes and arms branches of birches.


poet wrote some of his poems in the Vepsian language. They were then translated into Russian. Therefore, such lines are not always perfectly rhymed. But after the translation remained their deep meaning, the beauty of the style, the boundless love for the native land, for the woman.

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