Nikolai Kamanin: a brief biography

Starting conditions

Our planet for happiness is little adapted. So one of the popular once poets put it. And what to say about the territory of our country. When developing the northern territories, pioneers had to risk their lives. But dreamers and scientists have always remembered that the Homeland will always come to their aid. Nikolay Petrovich Kamanin, one of the best Soviet pilots, took an active part in rescuing the passengers of the steamer “Chelyuskin”, which sank in the Berengov Strait. He was awarded the honorary title “Hero of the Soviet Union” for his participation in this operation.

The future General of the Air Force came to light on 18 October 1908 in a large family. The parents lived in the town of Melenki in the territory of Vladimirov Governorate. His father did shoe-tailoring in an artery shop. Her mother worked as a weaver in a textile factory. The boy had to do minor housekeeping jobs from an early age. When age came, he was enrolled in elementary school. Nikolai studied well. Most of all he liked math lessons and on locksmith in school workshops.

From cadet to general

After graduating in 1927, Kamanina was called into the ranks of the armed forces. The competent boy was sent to study in the Borisogleb school of military pilots. After completing his training, Nikolay Petrovich departed for further service to the Far East. In February 1934, Senior Lieutenant Kamanin led a group of five aircraft that flew to rescue the passengers of the steamer “Chelyuskin”. Overcoming all sorts of difficulties, the pilots fulfilled the task of the Party and the government. People were rescued from ice captivity.

Col. Kamanin met the outbreak of war in Tashkent as the commander of the air force of the Central Asian military district. He took part in the preparation and sending of aircraft connections to the front. In 1942, the colonel was transferred to the Kalinin Front and appointed commander of the Assault Air Division. The victory Kamanin met with the rank of lieutenant general in the territory of Austria. He took part in the parade in Moscow’s Red Square on June 24, 1945. After the war, Nikolay Petrovich continued serving in various positions in the structure of the country’s air force.

Recognition and personal life

In the late 1950s Kamanina was appointed responsible for the selection and training of airmen in the astronaut squad. He got an honorable and responsible mission to sign a flight assignment to the first cosmonaut of Earth Yuri Gagarin.

Personal life of Nikolai Petrovich developed safely. At one time he took Maria Mikhailovna Misyul as his wife. Husband and wife raised and raised two sons who linked their fates to aviation. Colonel General Kamanin died in March 1982. He was buried in Novodevichy Cemetery.

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