Nikolai Frolov: biography, creativity, career, personal life



life of the future scientist began in 1909, in the middle of spring. Nicolai’s birthplace is a small settlement near the capital of Komi Republic. As a child, the boy did not have the opportunity to develop comprehensively: there were 3 children in his family who were raised by a hardworking father and an unemployed mother.

His mathematical abilities were manifested when he first studied at a university. Despite his dysfunctional background, Frolov managed to obtain several higher education, which allowed him to find employment at a university without any problems. In the future he taught higher mathematics at many institutions and in parallel he was engaged in writing poetry.

Mathematical activity

When Nikolai entered one of the universities of the city of Perm, which specialized in training specialists of mathematical profile, the guy defended his first dissertation on the subject.

At the age of 26, the man became a candidate of mathematical sciences. Having attained this title, Frolov tightly engaged in teaching activities, headed the mathematical department at the most prestigious universities of the capital of Russia. The main topics of the scientist’s reports, as a rule, were sections of mathematical analysis, which study the concepts of derivative and differential.

Writing poems

Since his youth, a multilateral scholar was engaged in creating poetic works. Most of all he was inspired by the wildlife of the northern region of Russia and the everyday life of the locals. When publishing creative works, Nikolai used the stage name: Suk Parma. Frolov posted his first poems as part of a local magazine, which was published in Syktyvkar. The publication was intended for those who were just beginning their creative activities.

One of the largest projects in all the time the man created his works was a whole poem entitled “Shypicha”. It was also written in the Komi language traditional for the writer direction of Nikolai and received its place in many literary textbooks of Soviet times.

During his life Frolov published collections of poems more than once, which were very popular among readers of the USSR. His main life goal in this poetic direction was to bring the northern peoples, their lives and beautiful wildlife to the general view. The life of a versatile figure of science ended in 1987, was buried in his hometown.

Personal life

Nicholas’s first and only wife became a woman named Nadezhda. Her original specialty was pharmaceutical, but family life proved more important, especially after the birth of her only son Yuri. The scientist’s child followed in his father’s footsteps and tied his life to a mathematical direction, got a job at university.

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