Nikita Efremov: biography, career, personal life, interesting facts

May 30, 1988 is Nikita Efremov’s birth date. Has come to light in the capital of Russia. His parents were closely associated with the creative environment. Mother — Asya Vorobyeva. By profession a female philologist. His father is the famous Mikhail Efremov. The actor was also grandfather — Oleg Efremov.

Michael and Asya never legitimized the relationship. They broke up almost immediately after Nikita’s birth. The star surname of the man began to wear only after the performance of 12 years.

Nikita Efremov had a lot of hobbies as a child. He was involved in sports, and in the music studio of course, and he studied singing. He received his education at a school with a mathematical bias. In his younger years, the guy didn’t even think about a career in cinema. However, he regularly performed in school plays.

When it came time to decide on his vocation, Nikita still thought about acting career. He told his father about it. Michael didn’t dissuade his son. Instead I told you that I will have to work hard. It is necessary to prepare for hard work.

The first steps in the creative biography of

Nikita Efremov after graduation decided to enter MHAT. I coped with exams easily. In parallel with his training, he acted in films and played on theatrical backbenches.

Nikita Efremov’s first role in filmography is the miniseries project “My Beautiful Nanny”. Appeared in a minor episode. After playing a few more not-too-significant roles in a wide variety of pictures, the talented actor got his first leading role. In front of the audience appeared in the film “Insatiable”.

Everything folded successfully and on theatrical backtracks. Nikita played Chatsky very vividly during the show of the diploma performance. For acting, the guy was handed the Golden Leaf.

Successful career

After receiving his diploma, actor Nikita Efremov immediately settled in the theater “Sovremennik”. He played in several dozen performances throughout his career.

On set it all folded perfectly. Successful was the role in the motion picture “The Legend of Bomber”. Nikita perfectly played a character named Andrey Grivtsov. This motion picture brought first fame to an aspiring actor.

Equally successful was the work on the creation of film tapes “Rehearsals” and “Fun”. Every year Nikita Efremov’s filmography was supplemented by several projects. It should be highlighted such paintings as “The Eighties”, “My boyfriend is an angel”, “It all started in Harbin”, “Gregory R.”.

Successful was the miniseries tape “Londongrad”, in which Nikita Efremov starred alongside Ingrid Olerinskaya. The picture was positively appreciated not only by the audience, but also by critics. The tape was included in the list of the best Russian TV projects.

In the film “Vmayakovsky” Nikita starred with his star father. This experience for him was the first of his career. But there were not too many joint scenes, so the exchange of experience as such did not take place.

At the present stage, Nikita Efremov’s filmography has more than 40 projects. Extreme works are “The Good Man” and “Flight”. Soon the film “Tenerife”, in which one of the roles was received by our hero.

Outside the set

How are things in Nikita Efremov’s personal life? For a long time, the actor was in a relationship with Anna Mikhailovskaya. Together they starred in several motion pictures. But the novel did not stand the test of time. The actress subsequently admitted that Nikita was not made for family life.

The next choice is Jana Gladkih. In 2014, a wedding took place. But in the relationship, Jan and Nikita lasted only a few months. After breaking up with Jana, the actor was rumored to have an affair with Aleksandra Maniovic. But this information was not confirmed by either the man or the girl.

At the present stage, Nikita Efremov is in a relationship with actress and TV presenter Maria Ivakova.

Interesting facts

  1. Nikita likes to revise the films in which he starred. He looks for his mistakes and thinks about how they can be fixed to prevent them from happening again.
  2. Nikita in addition to filming in films is engaged in voice acting. His voice can be heard in the animated picture “Ivan Tsarevich and the Grey Wolf”.
  3. The popular actor had long dreamed of skydiving. Not long ago, he managed to fulfill his dream.
  4. In his spare time Nikita plays rock together with friends. They even founded a band of their own.
  5. Nikita likes to travel, to look at the world. But he doesn’t have too much time to travel to different countries.

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