Nicholas Dorizo: a brief biography

Childhood and adolescence The

 generation of Soviet people born in the first quarter of the twentieth century suffered tough trials. After passing through the battles and thunderstorms, they kept the warmth of the soul and positive attitude towards those around them. A bright representative of this tribe was Nikolai Konstantinovich Dorizo. The future poet came to light on 22 October 1923 to an intelligent family. The parents lived in the famous city of Krasnodar. His father, nationality Greek, engaged in the practice of law. The mother, an indigenous Kuban Cossack, graduated from the conservatory and worked as a teacher at a music school.

The boy grew up and developed in a creative environment. Nicholas learned early on how to put letters into words. The native house had a good library. He enjoyed reading poetry books. Almost every summer Kolya spent in the village at his grandparents. The beauty of the surrounding nature attracted him and moved to composing verse lines. In school, he did well. Already in elementary school he composed poems and wrote them into a separate notebook. The first time Nicholas Dorizo’s poem was published in a city newspaper, when the boy turned fifteen.

Creative path

In June 1941, Dorizo received his matriculation certificate, and the next day the war broke out. He was called into the ranks of the armed forces and designated a duty station by the Military Publishing House. After a short period of time Nikolai filed a report, with a request to transfer it to the staff of the frontline newspaper “Word of the fighter”. Nicholas managed to bring reports from the leading edge and write poetry. In 1942, he wrote the poem “Dochurka”, and composer Rosa Goldina composed the music. A few days later, the song was played on the radio and became known on all fronts and in the rear.

After Victory, Dorizo returned home and enrolled at the Faculty of History and Philology of the University in Rostov-on-Don. His studies did not prevent him from engaging in literary work. In 1948 saw the light of the first collection of poems entitled “On the Home Shores”. After a few years Nikolay Konstantinovich entered the Literary Institute and moved to Moscow permanently. Collections of poems and poems by the talented author came out with enviable regularity. However, he gained wide fame as a poet-songwriter. It is enough to mention “That Bolshak” and “You can’t hide from the people in the village.”


recognition and personal life

wrote not only poems but also dramatic works. He seriously researched the work of Alexander S. Pushkin. The work of Nicholas Dorizo was appreciated — he was awarded the orders of the “Red Banner of Labor” and the “Badge of Honor”.


poet’s personal life developed on the third attempt. After searching and disappointments, he met operetta theatre actress Vera Wolska. Husband and wife have lived under the same roof for more than forty years. The poet songbook died in January 2011.

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