Natasha St-Pierre: biography, creativity, career and personal life


celebrity’s father served as the local prison’s warden while the mother worked as a head nurse at a care home for the elderly.

Road to Fame


biography of the future star began in 1981 in the Canadian town of Bathurst. The girl came to light on February 10. After 4 years, she had a younger brother, Jonatan.

Musical giftedness manifested in the baby early. Vocal she trained from the age of 8, learned piano playing, participated in local events. However, seriously Natasha didn’t think about singing career. She decided to become a biologist.


twelve-year-old performer was the youngest finalist and winner of the “Le pouvoir de la chanson” competition. The song “Le parcours du sœur”, recorded in July 1995, became a hit. The first album “Emergence” appeared in August 1996. Critics praised the debutante, comparing her to Celine Dion.


In 1997, the singer interrupted her career, focusing entirely on her studies. At the same time, she started a job as a phone assistant at a TV company. In 1999 the collaboration of the promising vocalist was suggested by Guy Cloutier. In October, he offered the candidacy of a girl to the Notre-Dame de Paris troupe.

Luke Plamandon was impressed by both the technique and the voice of the female student. Natasha replaced Julie Zenatti, learning the part of Fleur-de-Lys a day. Simultaneously with participation in the musical there was work on a new album “A chacun son histoire”. It came out in May 2000. To the two songs the lyrics were written by the performer herself.

Saint-Pierre performed in the first part of Garou’s concerts in support of his first album “Seul”. Having accepted “France 3″‘s offer to represent the country in the Eurovision Song Contest 2001 with the song “Je nai que mon âme”, the singer took up preparations. The result was fourth place. The single entered the vocalist’s compilation album in April 2001. After returning home, Natasha resumed performing with Garu.


collaboration with Pascal Obispo proved successful. The composition “Tu trouveras” turned into a hit, and the album “De l’amour le mieux” goes gold. From Belgium started the singer’s tour “Premier rendez-vous”. In 2003, the vocalist was repeatedly nominated for various awards. As Opening of the Year she received the award “Victoires de la musique”. In October 2003, the performer was presented with the Canadian Felix Award.

Family and vocation

Autobiographical was the disc “Longueur d’ondes”. It came out in mid-January 2006. The single “Ce silence” the singer composed during the tour. The artist continues to tour, does not interrupt performances. In 2008-2009, she starred in the telenovella “Seconde chance”. The collection “Bonne Nouvelle” is presented to listeners in 2012. A year later, fans received the record “Thérèse — Vivre d ‘amour”. In 2015, the album “Mon Acadie” appeared.

In the press there was a lot of information about the star’s personal life. However, much of her novels are not confirmed by facts. Relations with Canadian radio and television host Sébastien Benoit did not stand up to test distance. Novels with Garou, Obispo and Olivier Kahn proved to be business.

The star’s choice was Gregory Kijak, a military man. The acquaintance took place in 2010. The hobbies of both, surfing and diving, turned out to be about water. From friendly communication developed into romantic. Officially, the lovers became husband and wife on March 9 in 2012. The child, Bixant Maxim, appeared in the family in 2015, November 13.

The artist adores rock music and regrets that she was never able to get a biologist degree.

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